Saturday, 9 September 2017

    Tonight Josephine!

    You will have - by now - seen an Instagram shot of Tonight Josephine. It's, quite literally, the most Instagrammable spot in London; pure millennial pink. The designers were obviously incredibly aware that you can no longer just open any old cocktail bar, there's too much fierce competition out there - it has to have a niche! Well Tonight Josephine's niche is kitsch. Very very kitsch...perhaps, if I were a little tiddly, a bit too kitsch. From the neon signs, to the decorative cocktails, everywhere you turn there's some form of cutesiness - even the bathrooms!

    Owned by the same people who own Adventure Bar it's a pretty much guaranteed good night out, if however a little oddly place. The Southbank is alive with buzz on a Friday or Saturday night, but head towards Waterloo Station and your only real option is it gets me wondering if Tonight Jospehine's location directly opposite the tube is a sign of things to come for the area.

    Cocktails are fairly reasonably priced, but - in my opinion - Tonight Josephine is a tricky one; after all the snaps are taken (and trust me all the snaps will be taken) you're just sort of left in a very overcrowded basement. And I know that description could be used for the vast majority of London clubs, but what I mean to say is it's a novelty bar, and novelty inevitable wears off in time.

    That being said, the staff are friendly and it's well worth a visit for the sheer spectacle! 


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