Monday, 14 August 2017


    On a sunny Saturday (we don’t have many of those in London), Jake and I headed to Albion for a brunch before heading into the depths of Shoreditch and Stoke Newington Church Street to enjoy the adorable homeware stores! Albion has always been one of those places on my list, so I was very pleased to try it out.

    When we arrived we were promptly seated at a table that was perfectly positioned by the open doors so we could enjoy the sunshine and late morning breeze. I’d heard good things about their classic scotch egg so we ordered one to share in addition to our brunch dish of choice. I felt the need to branch out of a change and opted for the Welsh rarebit with a fried egg and Jake has my classic dish of poached egg and avocado on sourdough (a decision I later regretted). As it was busy Saturday we gave them the benefit of the doubt but the food took about 40mins to arrive after ordering, something that I was slightly disappointed with.

    The Welsh rarebit was tasty but just too rich; I couldn’t finish it and looked enviously on at Jake tucking into my all time favourite brunch dish… I’ll know for next time. The Scotch egg lived up to its reputation and devoured that in 2 seconds flat.

    The atmosphere in Albion was great and the staff were all super friendly. The only thing that lets it down was the slow food service but as it was a sunny Saturday, I’ll let them off.

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