Friday, 9 June 2017

    Sky Garden Yoga

    I am far from a 'yogi.' Despite being daughter to a mother who can't praise the benefits of yoga loudly enough - especially for us girls with bad backs - I've always shied away from it, opting instead to exercise through weight lifting. But when friends suggested waking up super early to see the sunrise at the sky garden, whilst finding my inner zen, I couldn't resist.

    Everyone must go! It seems nonsensical that this magical experience only costs £10! Booked through Design My Night, it's great fun to arrive at - eek - 6.30AM but see a gaggle of weary eyed strangers turn into truly glowing, kick-ass people! The transformation happens somewhere around your fourth downward dog!

    The views speak for themselves. The yoga instructor is different each day you go, but I had Becki, who was so approachable and not patronizing...which is really reassuring for a beginner like me.


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