Monday, 29 May 2017

    Welcome Back...

    Hello there!  

    You may have noticed a 'radio silence' had fallen over Split the City for the past few months. As much as we've missed it we felt the blog had lost a little direction, and we found ourself creating content for the sake of it. We hold our hands up; the quality dipped. So we've gone away, had a think and we are back now, stronger and more focused. 

    Split the City, from here on in, will be purely London focused! Bringing you the best of our beloved city including everything from theatre to fitness classes, we could not be more excited! We've got so many exciting posts already, and looking at the blog in a new light has really made us fall back in love with London, there truly is no place like it. 

    You can now expect posts twice a week, one on a Monday and one on a Friday! So keep your eyes peeled for brilliant reviews, and maybe a little giveaway too...

    All our love, 
    Nikki & Martha

    Photo credit: Rose & Grey 

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