Sunday, 15 January 2017

    Reecey Roos, Camberwell

    I'm not a beauty kind of gal, you'll see on the blog that most of that is left up to Nikki. I love to look nice and feel nice, of course, but I don't find myself endlessly searching for beauty looks. HOWEVER, my one big beauty indulgence is my nails. Something about having a kick ass manicure/pedicure just makes me feel extra awesome.

    I've known about Reecey Roos for a seriously long amount of time, and the fact that they're home is in my beloved South East London just made me adore them even more. I could spend hours on their Instagram feed. So this weekend I treated myself to a manicure there.

    Lets get this cleared up first - their prices are SO DAMN GOOD. Considering what you'd pay for a normal gel manicure, you're essentially paying that here too but for some outrageously brilliant effects on top along with it.

    My beautician was a really cool, mellow guy that made me feel totally at ease, and thus open to suggestions about what to do.

    The hip hop playing loudly around the place, combined with the graffiti mural walls, gives it a very South London vibe; which suits me just fine!

    I adored my nails and felt like a sassy Girl Boss walking out of Reecey Roos, I cannot recommend it highly enough. They did have to turn some people away whilst I was having my manicure done, so I strongly suggest booking ahead of time.

    They're the bomb. South East London strikes again!!!

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