Monday, 19 December 2016

    Day 4 - Petitou | 12 Days of Christmas

    I've fallen a little bit in love. How on earth it's taken me so long to get my butt down it Petitou I'll never know but it is shameful! Thankfully I recently corrected this issue.

    Peckham is bustling with a lot of new, brilliant (some unfortunately hipster heavy) caf├ęs, yet among these is the friendly, unpretentious Petitou.

    Their menu is simple, but refined and what I love is they could easily be extorting the hipsters for all they're worth - charging billions of pennies for smashed avo on toast, but they're not. They're serving great, staple foods but for reasonable prices....delightful amount of veggie options too. I opted for scrambled eggs on toast with avocado...£5.50! I'd have willingly paid more for how tasty it was!

    Just a stones throw from Peckham Rye station you're welcomed into the warm of the cafe by smiling, friendly staff, matched well with eclectic local patrons; it's just a really great vibe.

    Where to try next? ... M x


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