Thursday, 29 December 2016

    Day 9 - Christmas Traditions | 12 Days of Christmas

    Everyone says this, every year - but Christmas goes by so quickly. Which is why every year my family and I always make sure we have the best time. We always tend to follow our usual traditions while still adding in new things each year. I am always interested in seeing other people's traditions so I thought I would share mine.

    Christmas morning 
    Even though my sister and I are now grown up we still wake each other up with our stockings that are on our bedroom doors, go into my parents bedroom and sit at the end of their beds and open up our stockings. I really love getting a stocking as it is always filled with small, cute gifts including Christmas socks and underwear!

    After doing the Christmas stockings we all head downstairs to see if santa has been - haha! This used to be the point as a child I was uncontrollably excited and always have fond memories of running down the stairs to see if there were presents. My parents lay the gifts out in piles - rather than placing them all under the tree.

     Christmas Breakfast 
    Once all the presents are opened up, and we've had a look at what each other has got we tuck into breakfast and have a glass of champagne; it's a fab way to start the day and I wish I could do it everyday!! My dad is the one to cook Christmas Dinner and mum gives him a hand - we all tuck into whatever we fancy for breakfast (I obviously go for poached egg on toast with avocado). Then it is upstairs to get ready for the day.

    Whilst my dad stays home, sorting out the Christmas dinner, my mum, sister (Kelly) and I head out to visit my grandparents and uncles. We give them their cards and presents and chat about what presents we got. It is really nice to see them all on Christmas day!

    The MAIN event 
    We all love food in my family so the Christmas lunch is always BIG. We start things off with canapés and have Caviar & Crème Fraîche, Smoked Salmon & Creme Cheese, Tuna & Cucumber and Roast Ham & Gherkin - Kelly and I always make this and we toast with a glass of champagne. This year we had a delicious starter from M&S - it was in a Scallop shell - with scallops, salmon and prawns cooked in a garlic butter with sundried tomatos. For the main we have Turkey, served with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes. By this time we are all so full so really don't have much space for dessert or cheese. So we retire in front of the tree and watch christmas films or christmas specials. 

    Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love spending time with my family and seeing how happy everyone is. 

    What are your traditions? I would love to know. 

    Lots of love, 
    N x 

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