Tuesday, 20 December 2016

    Day 6 - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them | 12 Days of Christmas

    A film review?! Have we ever done a film review before? I don't think we have....ooooo this is exciting then! And what a way to kick off - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

    For me there will always be something very festive about the Harry Potter universe...it always came out around my birthday (a winter baby), and lets not lie; we all remember and long for Hogwarts in the snow, and warming butter beer at Hogsmeade. So settling into a cinema seat, peanut M&M's ungraceful sat on my growing beer belly, I became so gleefully excited within the first few seconds of this film....dumdumduhduhduhdumdumdum.....

    Controversial - but, acting wise, I'm not a huge fan of Eddie Redmayne (gasp!). Of course I can appreciate his incredible talent, however when I sit down to watch a film with him in I never feel completely immersed in it, I'm very aware I'm watching an actor play a character. So how surprised I was that he is utterly perfect as the protagonist, Newt. He's bumbly, quietly arrogant, adorably awkward and just the right amount of Hugh Grant; well blended Mr Redmayne! But for me, this new franchise was all about the New Yorkers; a risky choice to put a HP movie in another country, but it pays off so well, mainly thanks to Dan Folger's performance as the muggle, baker, Jacob Kowalski. 

    The real stars, of course, are the incredible CGI creatures - who knew I would end up wanting a computer created platypus as a pet? Because now...I do. The skill it must take to create this entire world, and then to make the audience truly believe in it, still blows my mind! 

    Harry Potter is magical, Christmas is magical, and I strongly urge you to go see this movie over the festive period. ...and I plead with you, if you have the option of cinemas - pick your local. I saw Fantastic Beasts at Peckhamplex; my home from home; and it made the experience even more cozy and 'hygge.'

    What's a film in the cinema at the moment that you're vibing? Getting you feeling festive? ...M x

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