Thursday, 15 December 2016

    Day 2 - Licensed to Ill | 12 Days of Christmas

    Okay, so I know a show about the the Beastie Boys doesn't sound like the most festive thing in the world, but I took my brother for his Christmas present so it counts! I've actually been to see this show twice now, so if that's not a glowing review, I don't know what is.

    I'm a big hip hop fan, and an even bigger Beastie Boys nerd; it's like this show was made for me! But what makes it so great is that you can tell the actors and production team are really doing this play out of sheer love and respect for the music. They leave no stone unturned: not the cultural appropriation, not the flop of their masterful second album, none of it. And so yes that does mean this show, which runs without interval, does drag a little in places but only due to sheer length and nothing else.
    Each actor nails the band members character, even down to the inflections in their speech. They could charge for a gig and I reckon a few people would forget about Adam Yauch's heartbreaking passing. Of course it's the plays DJ that pretty much steals every scene - man that kid has range.

    It wasn't until me second attendance, with my brother, that I respected the incredible detail even in the set. Sprawled all over colourful walls and floor are iconic hip hop movie titles and bands. Now that's commitment!
    I really can't sing this shows praises highly enough. It's funny, moving and educational. Please go, please.
    Also, to tie this all in a nice festive bow, this year I've thought a lot more about buying people experience gifts rather than something physical. There's something really nice about sharing that time together, and I urge others to do the same. Watching this show, with my big brother next to me, was really special and happy!


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