Saturday, 31 December 2016

    Day 10 - My New Year Resolutions | 12 Days of Christmas

    Yep....I'm one of those suckers that make these. In my defense, I'm usually quite good at sticking to them (read...they all stand a 50/50 chance). I usually make an entire list of resolutions, but I've actually already successfully completed one before 2016 has even finished - I've given up milk (read up on it, you might want to too).

    Anyways, here goes nothing...

    1) Retake up Dance Classes

    Seriously inspired by my trip to The Nutcracker I am determined to locate an affordable dance class in South London! If you know of any do let me know, because I'm on a mission. I am a strong believer that search hard enough everyone can find a form of exercise they enjoy, well mine is dance. So this year you'll find my pointing my toes and staring intently at my long limbs flailing in a big mirror

    2) Invest More Money in Experiences, Not Things

    I have a clothing addiction, and so when I want to 'treat myself' I head straight to ASOS and splurge. Yet this December I've spent more of my money on events...and I have had SUCH an excellent time. I saw the Monteverdi Choir at the Barbican, I went to the Ballet and strolled through Turner Prize; all incredible experiences. So this coming year I want to soak up more! I've already got tickets booked for Backyard Cinema and a tour around Southwark Brewery!

    3) Grow Down

    I am old before my time; I live for early nights and cups of's who I am and I'm totally unapologetic about it. However, recently I went out drinking ON A SUNDAY and had a total showed me it's actually good for you to let loose every now and again. So in 2017 I want to put more effort into being a twentysomething, and this means irresponsible nights with my gal pals. I think it's going to kick butt.

    What're your NY resolutions? ..M x


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