Friday, 18 November 2016

    Top 3 Spots in Gothenburg

    If you have been anywhere near my Instagram in the past month or so, you may or may not have noticed that I went to Gothenburg with my beautiful mum and had THE BEST time.

    Instead of a long, laborious post about every spot we visited I - with painstaking difficulty - have picked my Top 3:

    This stunning space within the Tradgardsforeningen Gardens truly took my breath away. Despite the fact that I freeze to death from a light breeze, and we were in Sweden IN OCTOBER, I could have strolled around here forever. Plant places have such a deeply calming effect on me, and you could tell from the understanding silence of the visitors that it is a really respected place.

    Holidays, long or short, are a time for indulgence. Any time we wanted a glass of Prosseco we had one, any time we wanted a piece of cake we had one. Life is good on holiday. Food is good on holiday. We ate at some really great restaurants but this one just seemed so...authentic. The restaurant really is just a few tables, serving outstanding italian food, but it's in a fully working deli. The customers of the shop, and the diners, totally merge and it creates this really buzzing atmosphere. Plus, the waitress was sassy as hell and we loved it!

    I'm an art nerd, I make no secret of it. So if I'm visiting city, and they've got an art gallery (which they usually do), then I'm going, done and dusted. This was, perhaps, the weirdest art museum I've ever been to. It's almost like there was no curation. Classical art flowed freely into contemporary with little, to no, explanation; it was spectacularly odd. 

    And there they are, my three top tips. I only went for four days, and sure if I was there for longer I could've discovered more (I was told, on my return, that there's an excellent vegetarian restaurant attached to one of the theatres!).

    Right...where shall I go next? ...M x

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