Monday, 5 September 2016

    Theo's Pizzeria | Camberwell

    I love pizza. All the time. Every day. I love it. But, because you can SO tell the difference between a great and a rubbish pizza, I tend to stick to the restaurants I know...(ie, Elephantastic). So I visited Theo's Pizzeria in Camberwell with slight trepidation... nerves were ridiculous. This pizza place is, quite literally, heaven.

    Lets start with the staff; friendly, but not overwhelming. We were greeted warmly and asked if we'd prefer to sit in the sun or the shade, and what with it being a lovely evening, we opted for the garden (where there's no smoking allowed). It was oh so Italian, with cute vine leaves, and wood tables. I
    loved it already.

    As we were there quite early, the restaurant hadn't filled out yet (believe me, come 8pm it was rammed) but this gave me a nice opportunity to take some interior shots. They've kept it clean, basic and stylish. I imagine packed out it'll have a really friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

    Now...the main part...the food. Well, sweet mary jane this pizza took things up a notch. I opted for the Buffalina, on the suggestion of the waiter, as I'd never had cold mozzarella on pizza before; it was insane! Little note; the portions are BIG, don't get greedy and order too many sides because the pizza is seriously the real deal. You can tell the restaurant really cares about where it sources its ingredients; the waiters were really happy to chat to me and Chris about where everything came from, how they cooked it, etc...

    Also, shout out to their special chilli sauce, it's a game changer...

    All in all I really can't speak highly enough of Theo's. The service to the food, everything is delivered to perfection. South East London has such a thriving food scene, this pizzeria is a very welcome addition!..........and they do Espresso Martini's!

    Have you tried out Theo's yet? We'd love to know your thoughts. M x


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    georgia said...

    I've not heard of this place - but that pizza looks amazing!!

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