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    August Favourites

    BREAKING NEWS: Summer is now over. And we are now into N's favourite season ever. As August drew to and end it gave us time to reflect over 2016 summer and although here in the UK we did get some very sunny summer days - it just wasn't enough. So on reflection we are both so glad that we managed to find time jet away. August saw our blog have a lovely redesign with a shiny new logo too so we really hope you like it. It has been a busy month, N has started her new job which has meant a revaluation in her time management to ensure to balance everything and M has been finishing up at her current place of work, as she's about to embark on a new career too! Aren't we busy ladies?! Now, onto our August monthly favourites...

    Nikki's Favourites

    1. Mocktails 
    I'm not one to deny I love a glass of wine on a Friday and over the weekend however I am not a big weeknight drinker. I just find if I know I have work the next day with the exception here and there I usually opt for a non alcoholic option. Over the bank holiday weekend, my mum came to spend the weekend with me in London and before dinner we headed to the The Ivy Chelsea Garden which I have previously written about here. For a pre-dinner drink and this is where they have my FAVOURITE mocktail Chelsea Cooler which is a long drink, with cucumber, apple, mint, lime and soda. You need to have it! 

    2. Thyme and Lemon 
    If you know me, you know by now I am massive foodie and I think from my Barcelona reviews you will know that I am a big lover of tapas food. So before M and I headed to the Almedia for a theatre review, we headed to Thyme and Lemon for a pre theatre dinner. Their pre-theatre menu is £12 for 3 tapas dishes and do not be deceived the portion size is ideal. We also opted for a cocktail I had a classic mojito and M went for the espresso martini. The restaurant was great, cost was reasonable and service was fab. Cannot wait to go back there, I've already promised Jake to take him once he is back from all his work trips all over the world 

    3. Desk Goals 
    I'm a big of an organisation geek, so when Jake agreed I can go to town and utilise my desk space - I went in hard. I have some beautiful artwork form Coconut Lane which for your lucky lot I have a discount code, you can use code 'Nikki20' for 20% your order on there. Seriously their website is dreamy and you will want to buy it all... don't say I didn't warn you. I feel so motivated since I have my desk properly set up, I have found it has already made me more productive even though from time to time, I find myself editing and writing in bed (who doesn't). 

    4. Pizza Express Antipasto
    Another food related favourite... no surprise there. However, I really had to share this with you because it was just delicious even though it's a bit random to just share one dish but seriously it's a game changer. My dad and I try to have lunch once a month together when he is down in London working which is really nice. We headed to my favourite Pizza Express which is the one on Kings Road which you must visit when you're in London! Anyway to start we shared the classic Italian Antipasto and it was to die for. So, go go go! 

    5. Jess Glynne 
    I went to see Jess Glynne at Market Rasen Racecourse back near my parents house that ended a race day which was so much fun. During the afternoon we watched the horse races and I even made a £20 profit which is always a bonus and then in the evening Jess Glynne performed and it was just so much fun. It was so enjoyable and not too busy so my kind of concert haha! She seems like so much fun and has so much energy on stage and respect for her team and the other performers on stage. Market Rasen hold annual events like this, so last year was Tom Jones, this year Jess Glynne so if you're from or near that area keep your eyes peeled on their website for next year as who knows who it will be? 

    Marthas Favourites 

    1. Little Nan's Bar, Nunhead
    Oh my god gang, this bar is, basically, at the end of my road. THIS. IS. NOT. A. DRILL. Free pick 'n' mix and teapot cocktails; it's like the cutest place in existence, and praise the lord, it's in South East London!!! I went with three of my housemates, my boyfriend, and of the housemates boys too, so we had a strong gang and made the foolish/brilliant decision to have a teapot each (one between three is recommended). It's surprisingly cheap, and in a few locations, check them out here!

    2. The Whitechapel Gallery
    I think we've all gathered by now I'm a big fan of London's free-gallery scene; I don't know any other cities, at least in the UK, with such great art open to the public, for literally no price. Whitechapel Gallery even has a free cloakroom. With so many rooms, there's usually more than one exhibition on at this great location, which is also brimming with events and talks. We meant mainly for the Keith Sonnier light pieces, and their use of neon is even more impressive when you consider how ahead of his time he was; made it all in the 60's. Also...this venue is really near brick lane, so get yourself an amazing, cheap curry afterwards.

    3. Grandma Allpress
    She's quite literally the best human you will ever meet. I went home recently for a little TLC and fresh air; seeing my Grandma always makes me feel empowered and so so happy! She's always gadding about, and a member of so many clubs I lose count, but she always finds time for me and my mum. We went to a really sweet farm shop cafe in Doddington and then, without prompting, she climbed on into the willow sculpture outside. The best woman ever. Fact.

    4. Short Hair, Don't Care
    It's all gone! I did adore having long hair, but it gets to a point where it's so long you can't do anything but throw it into a scruffy ponytail. It takes forever to wash and style it, but now I feel a lot more relaxed, and am enjoying the extra ten minutes in bed. I went for the chop at the Strand branch of Rush Hair. Their salons are quite informal, and well priced, but with so many their main selling point is convenience. In London, you're never far from a Rush.

    It's actually not as short as what I initially wanted, but my hair grows so fast I'm going to let it grow a little again before getting another big trim! 

    5. Four Corners Cafe
    I accidentally stumbled upon this gem of a coffee shop, whilst trying to kill time before heading to House of Vans to attend a documentary screening. It's a real find, and got some real quirk to it. Perfectly placed just around the corner from Waterloo station, this fun spot is guaranteed to put a smile on your face - even if you're taking away!

    So, it's safe to say that this month has been filled fun, family and fairly enviable desks. I (M) am totally with Nikki, in that I adore Autumn, so really can't wait to see what September has to offer. What did you enjoy most about August? We'd love to know! ....Split the City xx

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