Wednesday, 17 August 2016

    July Favourites

    OH MY's been mental over here at Split the City, so please excuse our lack of monthly faves. We're hoping our beautiful new redesign makes up for it? Let us know you're thoughts!

     We've both been jetting off on holidays, trying to dodge the rain here in London, among loads of other fun happenings too! It must be a sign we're getting older, as the months keep going too quick for our liking, but if it speeds up getting some sun, then we're into it.

    Nikki has been busy making her stamp on Youtube, and now has her own domain there, so make sure you're up to date with!

    Meanwhile, Martha has been busy soaking up the culture here in London, and on holiday in Greece. Let her Instagram give you serious envy: we get to sleep now?!

    Martha's Favourites
    1. Ann Summers Swimwear
    If you've had a chance to look through my holiday snaps, you'll see my wearing two beautiful swimsuits in rotation. I'm not a bikini gal, and spent forever trying to find a funk, flattering one piece. I was so shocked when it was Ann Summers that delivered! The costumes were super comfortable, and I felt sassy and confident in them!

    Both the costumes were a bit tongue in cheek, but I'd expect nothing less from Ann Summers! Yes...the pink one does say lets get physical haha!

    2. Our Redesign (of course!)
    Isn't it gorgeous! Massive props to the lovely Nikki for being an actual tech wizard and pulling it all together. I've always been incredibly proud of our content, and now we have a slick site to match it! It's safe to say we are over the moon!

    3. Romeo's Sugar Free Bakery
    I - unfortunately - have been feeling quite awful for quite a while. My stomach is in turmoil, and for a while I was very concerned about cysts on my ovaries. However, recently I've begun to think it could be more of a dietary issue. I've started a food diary, but I just want to be more aware of what I'm eating. This dream cafe is so welcoming, has an extensive menu, and the food's tasty as hell! It's a win win; entirely sugar free, mostly vegetarian, and no gluten in sight!

    4. Am Dram Fam
    So you may know that Nikki and I both come from an acting background, and we've both taken a little break from it all over the past year. Well, I slowly stepped back into it by getting involved with my works amateur dramatics society, and performing in a play at the New Diorama Theatre. It was so great to get to know a bunch of people, who I hadn't really interacted with before, and then all team together to create something we deeply care about.

    5. The ASOS Sale
    I mean...forever and always. Have you noticed our new Shop section on the site? Well expect mine to pile up with ASOS items pretty damn quickly. The ASOS sale never fails to impress me, and seen as I've just sold a bulk of my stuff on Ebay, I think that I'm more than entitled to a little splurge. Fave pieces: (click for links)

    Nikki's Favourites: 

    1. Online Shopping 
    Now this is not just a favourite for July. I always love ONLINE shopping. I think it makes buying super easy - sometimes too easy and I just blow my salary in the first week. But hey, I have been loving buying some new beauty products this month and something I just find it easier when your schedule is jam packed to buy online. I have to say a shout out to the amazing Charlotte Tilbury make up; their website is easy to navigate, their delivery time is 1st class and products are perfection.

    2. South of France
    I went on a delightful 4 day holiday to the South of France with Jake and some of his closest friends. It was so much fun and a great getaway. It reminded me of the beauty of the South of France which is so close to us in the UK it is silly not to go back in the future. We canoed up Gorge de Vendon which was truly breathtaking. A getaway with your boyfriend is sometimes just what you need!

    3. Short Hair 
    In the new year I decided I wanted the chop and went for the 'LOB' and I love it. Each time I go back to my hairdresser I keep up the look albeit it was a look I thought I would tire of. I am loving the length and finding it easy to maintain my naturally curly and crazy hair. I am sure in the next few years I will want to go long again but right now I am loving this look.

    4. Family Holiday 
    I headed to Fuengirola in Spain with my parents and sister for 10 days in the sunshine. I feel so lucky to still go on a family holiday and this year was the last time it will just be the four of us as my sister is getting married in April 2017 which I am literally so excited for - don't worry, I have some wedding blog posts planned for your. I vlogged the trip to Spain so you can head over to my channel and take a look of it. Warning; it is full of lots of tasty food, you might get food envy.

    5. Proper Tasty - Halloumi Fries 
    Now as a huge foodie, who loves eating out on weekly basis. I do also like to try cooking new and tasty dishes to eat at home! I followed the Proper Tasty's recipe for Halloumi Fries and OH MY GOSH, calling all cheese lovers - you NEED to try these. They are so quick and easy to make. A perfect snack to have on a movie night or when you're putting on a spread for a party.

    So there you have our July Monthly Favourite round up. We really hope you love our new redesign as much as we do. Please let us know as your feedback will be most appreciated.

    Lots of love,
    Split the City x


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