Wednesday, 24 August 2016

    HulaFit Aboard The Good Ship Benefit

    Recently, on a rainy Saturday morning, we were lucky enough to be invited to review a HulaFit class, happening on the deck of The Good Ship Benefit; we'd been wanting to have a go for ages, nothing was going to stop us! As soon as we stepped inside the glowing pink boat, and met our instructor Shakira, we knew were in for a good time!

    Nikki's Thoughts
    I loved this class so much, I was a bit apprehensive about how much of a work out this would be however it was really fab! The hoops were weighted, as this was a beginners class (just what we needed) they were only 1kg and Shakira was explaining that they go up in weight depending on how intense the class is.

    It was so great seeing all the other ladies giving it a go and really having lots of fun. I most certainly will be back to do another class. And they have various locations across London. The nearest one for me is Paddington!

    Martha's Thoughts
    Why did no one tell me exercise could be so much fun? I think both Nikki and I were a little apprehensive, due to the weather, but Shakira's enthusiasm was so infectious, we couldn't help but totally throw ourselves into the spirit of the class.

    Because you're smiling, and giggling, so much, you almost forget how much of a workout you're doing. HulaFit use weighted hoops, so you're constantly tensing muscles all over your body. The Good Ship Benefit was a great, novel location too...just the excitement of our pink surroundings spurred us on too!

    I'll definitely be attending another HulaFit class; perhaps I'll pick an indoor one next time...the soundtrack was banging, but lost a little to the choppy Thames.

    We really can't thank HulaFit Enough for having us! What an excellent way to exercise! Have you tried out one of their classes yet? We'd love to know your thoughts!

    Lots of Love,
    Split the City x

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    Badly Packed Traveller said...

    I'll go, but what happens when, like me, you are too fat to fit in the hula hoop. Do they have XXL ones?

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