Saturday, 13 August 2016

    Feeling miserable...

    As I am writing this it is my time of the month (sorry if that's TMI) but I feel it needs to be said because I am super hormonal. To top it off I was unwell all last week with a cough that kept me up through the night, EVERY night. Anyhow, this is not a give me sympathy post but a post on how to deal with not feeling yourself. 

    When I go on holiday and I have time to relax, I let my mind reflect on what's been going on in the past few month for me - this is killer as I am an over thinker but I try keep it as positive as possible. So when I was on my latest holiday, I had a long think about how over the past few months I wasn’t happy and I had been making steps to make me feel better. Now I’m not going to delve into exactly the full ins and outs of why I was unhappy as I want to keep it professional y’know but I was in a job that I loved however in the new year I fell out of love with it. I was feeling like it wasn’t challenging for me and I felt I could offer so much more. So I began hunting for a new job. This process took so long and I think I will go into that in detail in another post, I was SO picky with what I was looking for AND I was moving into an area I had limited experience in. For the first time since leaving school I knew what I wanted my next step to be. Besides always having my heart set on acting and it still is but right now I want to focus on making a career, picking up some ‘life skills’ and if I’m being totally honest – making and saving money! I also think that when you can pin point what is making you miserable, it is obvious that that something has got to CHANGE and sometimes that is easier said than done. Don’t get me wrong this was a hard decision to make, it wasn’t like I didn’t get on with my colleagues, I wasn’t making good money or the company was rubbish, I am just a highly ambitious person who needs to be challenged and in control of making an impact.

    So here is some advice from me to you, if you’re unhappy or just having a down day:

    Try to pinpoint what is making you feel this way and change it
    Once you narrow it down to exactly what it is that is making you feel like this it is the beginning of feeling great again.

    Remember that everything takes time
    Don’t expect things to happen overnight as the world rarely works like this. Take time and persevere with the change.

    Don’t make impulsive decisions
    This is so important not to have kneejerk reaction to a situation that makes you feel upset. Make sure you are level headed when making the decision.

    Find someone you trust (best friend, partner, parent) to talk to
    It was the biggest thing for me to talk about it, I used to be so bad about talking about the way I feel and I used to just hold it all in until one day I couldn’t and it was horrible but now I have got so much better with talking to Jake, my family and my best friends when I am down. And sometimes you might not agree with their advice and at the end of the day you are going to be the one who has to make the final decision but having them there to even just listen to you is the BIGGEST help.

    Celebrate the small things
    I do this all the time but even when I got an interviews for companies I really wanted to get Jake and I would celebrate, I’m not talking pop the champagne level but we would do something small just to make you feel positive and like you’re taking steps in the right direction.

    I really hope this post helps anyone who is feeling down and wherever you are in that journey of making a change know that you’re not on your own. Talk to your loved ones and keep going. 

    Lots of Love,
    N x



    Samantha said...

    Great post and I love your honesty. I hope you feel better soon! :)

    S .x

    georgie philippa said...

    Exactly the same here right now! A huge hormonal mess haha. Was nice to read your tips - the knee jerk reaction thing is important for me as I need to learn to just chill the f**k out and not act on impulse ahah

    she dreams

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