Monday, 15 August 2016

    Beauty Review | Lush Ultrabland

    I was always one of those fortunate, but annoying, teenagers who managed to avoid breakouts during puberty. My skin never seemed to dry or sensitive, but recently my skin went a little mental. 2016 has perhaps been my busiest year yet, and my skin obviously began to notice, with an abundance of under the skin spots popping up on my forehead and chin...for a niggle-picker like me, this was very bad news.

    Because I hadn't experienced this in my teens, I didn't really know how to deal with it. Thanks to all the beauty bloggers out there, I found an answer as soon as the problem crept up; Lush's Ultrabland.
    Seriously - twitter search this stuff - you'll hear nothing be rave reviews! I actually spotted it on Beneath the Brush's site.

    I use it as a make up remover, and this - combined with drinking an abundance of water - has helped me feel happy and confident in my own skin again. It's Summer! I want to scrape my hair off my face and let the good times roll, not try and create some emo fringe to hid half my hair.

    Thanks Lush!


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