Wednesday, 6 July 2016

    An Alternative Sunday Lunch

    As a life long veggie, Sunday Lunch has never really been a thing for me... sure I could just make a plate out of the side dishes, but there was no main attraction worth making. I love the idea of going all in on a Sunday - it's a day of pure relaxation - but what's a girl to do when she's not too keen on Yorkshire Puddings?!

    Well my lovely boyfriend cooked up quite the alternative! Now I'm going to be tucking into every single week!

    To start with things were kept super simple. I'm sure I've had artichoke on pizza before, but never had it just as a simple, yet heavenly starter.

    SO SIMPLE. Just boil water with a lemon in, add the artichoke and then cover and simmer for around 20 minutes. Tasty, and fancy looking - perfect for a dinner party!

    Next up was the main event, and again very minimal ingredients, we had fancy bread (essentially).

    This just takes four ingredients; good, bloomer bread, decent mozzarella (ours from Ham & Cheese Company), basil and cherry tomatoes. That's it! It takes next to no time to make! Sprinkle it with some olive oil (for all olive oil snobs, you NEED to know about Oliveology, they're insane).

    So this is such a brilliant, vegetarian, and inexpensive way to get yourself full up on a Sunday!

    What should I try out next weekend/what should I bully my boy into cooking for me? ...M x


    alice said...

    I've never actually had artichokes before, what are they like? The bread looks really yummy, so cute of your bf!

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    Badly Packed Traveller said...

    As a life long veggie, Sunday Lunch has never really been a thing for me.......

    What! What about our lifelong inappropriate Sunday lunches??? Sue will be aghast.

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