Wednesday, 15 June 2016

    Rebecca Hossak Gallery

    I'm on a mission to visit all the beautiful, and beautifully FREE, galleries that London has to offer. I was so happy to wander around the wonderland that is Rebecca Hossak Gallery.

    The gallery is currently hosting the work of David Whittaker, an abstract artist with a flair for colour clashing; Rebecca Hossak Gallery in Conway Street is the dream setting to complement these themes. 
    Spread out over three floors, there's no red rope stopping you from getting up, close and personal with the art, and the fact that the gallery almost comes across like a converted house, just adds to the relaxed atmosphere. 

    At this place, the art is almost secondary to the stunning setting! It truly is a pink, magical garden, which you can tell would easily draw in the more extroverted artists.

    I highly recommend paying it a visit, it's a superb escape from the hustle and bustle of central London, and you'll walk away feeling cultured, refreshed and happy!

    Where to next? ...M x


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