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    May Monthly Favourites

    Hitting half way through the year is a scary realisation that 2016 is flying by but we are both super happy with how 2016 is going so far and although it is really busy for us both we are having the time of our lives. Summer is sneaking up on us so healthy eating and hitting the gym has been an essential.

    But let’s share with you our May Monthly Favourites!

    Nikki’s Favourties

    Hyde Park Pedelos

    Hyde Park is such a beautiful park in London that is really well kept and when the sun is shining it is heaving with EVERYONE! On a sunny day, Emma, Jake and I decided the best way to enjoy the sunshine is to go to Hyde Park, soak up the sun, drink champagne and ride the Hyde Park Pedalos. If you live in London and haven’t been because the tourists put you off (legit the only reason I haven’t been until now), you’re right the queues can be LONG, but fair play to them they get through the queues pretty fast. Although slightly expensive; they are so much fun and really worth taking advantage of!

    Stylist Book Club

    Stylist held a Book Club at the Charlotte Street Hotel and I LOVED it. From start to finish everything was great. The event was so well organised and the format of the evening was fantastic. A ticket cost £25 and this included, a signed copy of the book, a glass of wine and nibbles on the evening AND a goody back to take away. This was the 4th book club event they have held and I hope and I’m sure it won’t be the last. The book this time was ‘The Girl on The Train’ which arrived in the post 3 weeks before the event to give you chance to read or re-read it. Then on the evening, the author, Paula Hawkins was there and she did an interview with the Books Editior from Stylist and then opening it up to a Q&A with the audience. To finish the event off  you could get your signed book personalised by Paula Hawkins which was a real treat. I would highly recommend this to book lovers out there!

    Spa London

    Spa London who’re currently under a re-brand to become Spa Experience by Better which you can read all about here.  We have attended 3 events not with Spa London and each event has been so fantastic and has not disappointed. They are a really great company, affordable prices for London Spas(now expanding to out of London) and full of passionate, friendly staff.

    Wedding Dress Shopping

    Don’t panic, not for me! My sister is getting married April 2017 and it has been so exciting to go wedding dress shopping with her. This month we managed to find her the perfect dress which she looks SO beautiful in. To be honest, my sister looks amazing in anything but when she walked in the room in ‘the one’ it was breathtaking. She is going to make such a beautiful bride. I obviously can’t share a photo of her in the dress but trust me it is incredible. Also a shout out to ‘Say I Do’ boutique, amazing service, relaxed environment and really made to feel special.


    I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts that I now have a YouTube channel and I am absolutely loving the experience. On my channel you will find a video every Sunday and vlogs every Wednesday. My videos consist of Monthly Favourites, Challenge Videos and Haul Videos and my vlogs are taking you on adventures with me including travel vlogs. I would love for you to head over to my channel, take a look and if you like it then please do subscribe – I would hugely appreciate it!

    Martha's Favourites

    South London Journal
    Now on it's sixth issue, I cannot believe it's taken me this long to give this gem a nod! It's a free, monthly publication that journals all glorious things, focusing in on South East London. I think it's incredibly important to appreciate other writers work, especially when it's so close to my heart. These guys are onto something big and special!

    Bruce Springsteen
    So I saw Bruce Springsteen at Wembley, this Sunday evening. My socks were certainly rocked, and be sure to keep an eye on the blog this Wednesday for a new kind of post.

    Bruce Springsteen's music means an incredibly large amount to my 'Watson' side of the family, so to see him live was inexplicable. I felt like my life wasn't going to get better than. 

    Review, Bellenden Road
    I have become such an utter bookworm! I keep buying books for my holiday, and finishing them....I leave on the 23rd. I just get too excited, indulge in the stories, and it's all over in a couple of days. I need to learn self restraint, but it's hard when book shops are as cool as this one in Peckham.
    On the increasingly cool Bellenden Road, Review specializes in independent, kooky pieces (the childrens illustrated Frida Khalo autobiography was a personal highlight).
    There's also a brilliant selection of feminist writings, and the lovely lady that perches behind the counter is always so friendly, and willing to help hunt down the perfect read.

    Hemsley & Hemsley, Selfridges
    I'd been waiting to visit for so long, and I finally made it there! Yes, it's pricey, but oh dear lord the food.... I scoffed quinoa and courgette toast, topped with smashed avocado, feta cheese, and baby tomatoes. SWEET LORD SO TASTY. Their menu gets you so inspired to begin making concoctions of your own, and I've definitely already popped some Rosemary in my water.  

    If you've had your eye on my Instagram lately, you'll have noticed that I spent some time clearing my head, outside of London, and you totally forget how good that is for you!
    If you live in London, because everyone moves at such an incredibly fast pace, you need to remove yourself from that to realised how tired it's making you. I adore London, I adore the culture and the boundless opportunities, but it's non-stop.
    I breathed in sea air, and had tacky fun at Skegness. Can't wait for the next trip away to Greece....not quite Skegvegas but it'll do.

    What were you loving in the month of May? We'd love to know! Split the City xxx


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