Saturday, 25 June 2016

    Marylebone Summer Festival

    Was this advertised?! This adorable little fayre was hosted all across Marylebone on Sunday 19th; we stumbled upon it purely by accident and it was SO cute!

    The already beautiful streets of Marylebone were lined with white stalls selling everything from tasty street food, to awesomely retro prints.

    We had intended simply to grab a coffee at the dainty Monocle Cafe, but the sound of sheer joy drew us in.

    Because Marylebone is central London, it always struck me as a tourist heavy, hence why I was so pleasantly surprised by the really lovely community vibe of the day. There were people (and an abundance of adorable dogs) roaming about, who obviously lived and loved the area!

    I thought it was really cool how the local shops got involved, and brought their tasty delights out onto the streets...I have to admit, I hung around at the sample stand for Kusmi Tea a lot longer than I should've done...

    I made an obligatory trip to Daunts Books, which looks like it's straight out of a Harry Potter film, and bought myself a nice new book to take away on holiday with me. I could spend forever in this shop, it's so homely feeling, and the staff always have a smile on their face!

    With the sun shining bright, it was impossible not to have a nice day, and I really wish this was on every weekend! Well done Marylebone.

    Where did you spend this weekend? It's the only sun we'll get all summer! ....M x


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