Wednesday, 8 June 2016

    Dear Bruce Springsteen

    Dear Mr Springsteen,

    You don't know me but I was at your concert on Sunday evening, at Wembley Arena, with my Dad, Step Mum, two brothers and my sister-in-law; quite the family outing. We danced and smiled for the whole four and a half hours you were on stage, and quite frankly, when you finished, I genuinely contemplated the idea that my life had peaked. 

    You see, your music has been in my life since I can't remember when. I grew up with you, you're part of the family. Not a birthday has gone by, without my dad blasting Born to Run at 7 in the morning, to wake everyone up. When my gorgeous Step Mum married Dad, she walked down the aisle to If I Should Fall Behind. You're family Bruce, in a totally non-mental way. 

    Recently the world has lost some greats, and of course it breaks your heart a little bit. But I've never really understood grieving someone you don't know? But we know you, your music is ingrained in our paths. And the fact I got to see you in the flesh, with the people who've comforted, and celebrated, me with your music, well that's not something I'm going to forget anytime soon.

    All the best,

    PS...Clarence Clemons went too soon. 



    Badly Packed Traveller said...

    Martha, 3hrs 50mins, isle = aisle and Clemens = Clemons. Not grieve for the Champ, how could you not??

    Otherwise I agree with it all.

    Still buzzin1.

    Badly Packed Traveller said...

    When I'm out on the streets oh oh oh oh oh

    Sue texts to say she was doing the dance on the train to work today at 7:30

    Still buzzin.


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