Friday, 13 May 2016

    Theatre Review | Hearing Things ★★

    Hearing Things, performed at the Albany theatre in Deptford, has now finished its run, so you might think it quite bizarre to publish a review now. Hear me out...we have our reasons:

    Nikki and I agreed, when starting this blog, that we'd never recommend anything that we didn't enjoy ourselves; of course we can look for positives in most things, but we'd never lie. It doesn't seem right to compromise the integrity of Split the City simply to write a good review, or keep a good relationship. It's not fair.

    I would not have recommended Hearing Things.

    To its credit, the play was obviously very well researched, and the script had a natural flow to it that carried the story neatly from beginning to end. I did, at points, find myself engrossed in the characters and their individual plots.

    However, there was a major aspect that let the whole thing down. One thing I immediately respected about the cast was their diversity; one white female, one black male and one white male. They all multi-roled so at some points Osment (the playwright) trusted the audience to believe that the black male was the white males father, etc... This sort of gender blind, and race blind, casting is extremely forward thinking, and something we should be seeing more of in theatre. My issue was if the audience is trusted with this, then there was categorically no need to ask the white female, when playing a Ghanaian mother, to put on an awfully stereotypical accent. It made me feel incredibly uneasy, and was so unnecessary.

    This isn't a reflection on the actress, who as the northern Kate, was, for me, the highlight of the show.

    It's such a shame, especially as this was produced in Deptford, such a multicultural area. It had the potential to be so forward thinking and respectful, but it just fell at the last hurdle.

    So that's why this a review is a little late, our apologies.

    What's you opinions on accents and casting in current London theatre? We'd love to hear!

    ...M x


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