Monday, 23 May 2016

    John The Unicorn, Peckham

    John the Unicorn is the newest, and largest, pub in Peckham. Thanks to its recently being bestowed the 'must visit' title from Time Out, it's constantly bustling with the wide variety of Peckham residents.

    The pub are takes the ground floor, whereas we were shown upstairs for the restaurant area. There are faux animal rugs adorning the walls, with framed previous stones hanging against them. The decor is on point, and we admired it greatly, as we whetted our appetite with two generous cocktails and some melt-in-your-mouth focaccia. 
    If, when ordering one of their 'small plates,' you think you're going to be getting a dainty portion, your in for an awesome surprise. There small plates aren't that small at all! But just small enough they you can sample a few, and engulf all the flavours on offer. We had: Herb fried chips with garlic and smoked paprika
    Mini burger of aged ribcap, kale kimchee and crispy hop shoots Sticky chicken heart skewers with white bean purée and toasted seeds Charred octopus with crushed chickpea capers and picked peppers Charred leeks with red pepper sauce and focaccia shavings New season asparagus, soft egg and mushroom dressing Burrata, tender-stem broccoli and wild garlic pesto

    ....hungry now? All were totally heavenly; cooked to perfection and presented lovingly. My personal recommendation? The charred leeks. The sauce was so incredibly I almost ask if they sell it in bulk! Nikki's would have to be the octopus; it's such a rarity, and real treat, to see this on a menu. Let alone have it this well produced. The staff were all incredibly friendly and laid back. As soon as I mentioned my vegetarianism, they were prepared and able to tell me which dishes could be moulded to my diet and which couldn't. 

    All in all, John the Unicorn is a great, quirky new establishment. As it's just opposite Peckham Rye station it's super easy to get to, and you'd be a fool to miss it. Also, let's address....what an awesome name?! Have you visited already? What else around the area do you like? ...M xxx

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