Thursday, 14 April 2016

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    I've been on my travels again. This time it was time to head to Berlin. People always tell me I must visit and how much they love this city. So I was excited to see what the hype was all about. On arrival I immediately had good vibes. The air was fresh and there was a good city buzz.  We had to wrap up warm as it was SUPER cold; but the cold weather wasn't going to stop up exploring this beautiful city.

    My boyfriend is super into clothing which I mentioned in my Copenhagen posts which you can read here and here! We headed to Edwin, Wood wood , 14oz, Burg and schild, Soto and Firmament to name a few!  My favourite was Edwin; where I brought a really cute tee from however, it wasn't my favourite just because I bought something from there. The shop was super chill, the girls working there were really helpful and when we left they gave us lighters (neither of us smoke) but handy for candles! Before we went, loads of people were recommending me to head to the MauerPark market; it's basically a vintage market that is super big and so much stuff there. I'm not massively into vintage or collectibles however it was still really nice to see and have a walk round.  The other market we headed too was just one we stumbled across and that was the Berlin Art Market. It was stalls and stalls of beautiful art work from paintings to typography prints!

    Now if you haven't gathered yet, I'm a massive foodie. So going to new places is the perfect excuse to hunt down the best food. We were recommended two burger places which are in competition for the best burger in Berlin.  The first we visited was The Bird - you must make a reservation here to avoid disappointment. The burgers here were so juicy and reasonably priced! I'd recommend their chicken wings because well wings are wings and these ones came with a mouth-watering blue cheese dip (a cheese lovers dream). The second place we went for a burger, might I add on a separate day, was called Burger Meister. The only thing I'd say fair to compare between these two places is the food as Burger Meister is not your traditional restaurant. It is a public toilet turned burger kitchen so as you can imagine it's pretty small in size but that doesn't stop them! The burger here wins for me; they got everything right. And their cheese fries was served with cheese sauce rather than grated cheese which is my preference (as I write this - I'm thinking 'oh, my poor arteries). Don't get it confused as there are now two Burger Meisters as they have opened one with a full sit down restaurant area.

    Other great places I recommend for food:

    For brunch:
    Anna Blume

    For something traditional:
    Curry 66

    For dinner:
    Monsieur Vueong

    Here is a checklist of some top sites to see along with some of my favourite photos of them I took during my trip:

    Checkpoint Charlie
    Jewish War Memorial
    Bradenburg Gate 
    Topographic Museum of terrors
    The Berlin Cathedral
    Berlin Wall East Side Gallery
    Reichstag museum

    Berlin was a delight and I am sure I will be back. The city has a lot to offer and I know there is so much more to explore. Make sure if you go you keep an eye out for the photoautomatum which are little photo booths across the city, it's costs €2 to get it done and they are traditional print so it's really cute.

    I hope you enjoyed reading my Berlin post.  Up next for me was Barcelona. Be sure to head over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe to see more travel content coming up in the near future.

    Lots of love,
    N x


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