Thursday, 21 April 2016

    Restaurant Review | Galvanisers Union

    It's been a long long time since I've ventured out to Bromley-by-Bow; I've not had much cause too. But when N and I were offered the chance to review Galvanisers, I hauled myself over there for some culinary delights!

    A quick glance at the menu got me very enthused, but my memory of Bromley-by-Bow was not of it being the most welcoming, or scenic, of places. So I was surprised to hear that this cool, new spot had chosen here as its home; it's situated right next to the very busy main road, and surrounded by industrial architecture.

    I was so happily surprised! Inside was a sea of decorative wallpaper, throw cushions and spring flowers! This kooky little spot had a shelf of boardgames that was for the patrons, and was packed with a diverse mix of characters.

    Our eyes lit up when we saw all the options of food, and instead of the small plates for starters, we opted instead for an array of their bar snacks:

    We began with (left to right); grilled halloumi with olive tapenade, frickles (fried pickles), hummus with pitta and olives, and a scotch egg (not veggie, this was for N). 
    So the frickles were a sensation! I have never been a huge fan of pickles so I was a bit wary...need not have been! Whatever the sweet and sour sauce was the put with it, complemented it so well, we were thrilled! Hummus wise you just can't go wrong, it was obviously homemade and that made me beam. The halloumi and olive tapenade was divine, and all were perfect portions to wet our appetite for the main!

    So the left plate was mine and it was heavenly! It was Roasted Pumpkin, Lentils, Baby Watercress and Stilton; I was somewhat dubious as I've not had a lot of pumpkin before, and it sounded almost too adventurous to me. I'm so glad I gave it a go! All of the ingredients of the meal were perfectly matched with each other, and I was even impressed with the presentation. As much as the plate looked full it didn't look overwhelming, but let me tell you I was waddling out the door!
    N chose to dine on the Gammon Steak, Fried Egg and Chips, a classic pub dinner. Again the presentation was impressive, as it was all neatly piled on top of each other so you could get all flavours in one forkful. The chips we thick and cut generously, as was the gammon and the egg. N's review shone from the big grin on her face after she'd finished!

    To summarise, Galvanisers is an odd blend; high quality food in a low-key atmosphere. And yet it works because Bromley-by-Bow is an odd blend kind of place, where the industrial meets the residential. We definitely recommend paying it a visit, we definitely intend to go back!

    Are we missing any other treats in that area? Let us know..... M x

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