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    March Favourites

    April is here! How has that happened so quick? I feel like we say this at the start of every monthly favourites – but seriously it only feels like yesterday it was Christmas. April is such a great month as it is N’s birthday and who doesn’t love celebrating a birthday? So expect in April to see a cheeky birthday wish list. March has been another busy month, M has moved into her new place with some lovely housemates and N has launched her YouTube Channel.

    Nikki’s Favourites
    1. The Ivy Chelsea Garden
    I first wrote about the The IvyChelsea Garden last year for my 21st Birthday, which you can readabout here. I headed there again this month and it was just as great as I remembered. The only downside was my eggs were slightly cold but everything else made up for this. We headed there for a quick brunch before a very busy day and the service was prompt yet enjoyable. I opted for the eggs benedict because I thought it was worth changing things up a little bit since I always go for poached eggs and avocado but who can blame me, avocado is the dream! I also had a Chelsea Cooler, which is basically a non-alcoholic mojito. It has mint, lime, apple and soda – 100% recommend you to try. The décor of the restaurant is beautiful and they currently have a beautiful outdoors floral decoration in the doorway, which is oozing spring vibes.

    2. Yorica!
    We were kindly invited to the launch of Yorica! in March and you can read our review here. I absolutely love this place and tell all my friends to go all the time. It is the first ever free from café that has opened in London and it is really worth going to visit. Especially if you are gluten, wheat, dairy free as you get to indulge in the most delightful sweet treats.

    3. Flowers
    Slightly random monthly favourite but I really do love flowers so much. Having them in my apartment just brightens it up and makes me smile a lot. And since we are now officially in spring there is even more of a reason to get some fresh blooms. I recently headed to Fulham Farmers Market which takes place every Sunday in Bishops Park and there were some beautiful bouquets there that really caught my eye. The same goes with whenever I am walking down Kings Road there are several flower stands that tempt me. My all-time favourite flowers are Peonies, Pastel Roses and Lilies. What are your favourites?

    4. PIX Tapas | Notting Hill

    As you may know by now if you have been reading our blog for a little while now, I am a huge foodie and love trying new restaurants all the time. Most of the time I find places to try online, from reading reviews or my favourtie way to find out about new places is when my friends say “Nikki you MUST got to _____ place!” Having a friend recommend a place is so nice and personal and that is what we hope to achieve when you are reading our blog. For a date night in March I did exactly that and took a friends recommendation and headed to PIX which is a lovely little tapas restaurant in Notting Hill. The concept is great and the atmosphere is trendy. It is all help yourself and you collect the ‘cocktail sticks’ that are in the dishes and put them in a pot for the waiter to add up at the end of your meal to work out your bill (think Yo Sushi kind of system). If you head there and they have this available you MUST try the chili chicken with mint and coriander sauce – it is a dream! Check out their website here for more information.

    5. Adele
    Last but my no means least. The wonderful inspirational woman that is ADELE! I went to see Adele at the O2 arena as part of her tour. I was very lucky to be sat right near the front which added to the incredible experience. She has always been one person I have wanted to watch live so really pleased to have ticked that off my list. I love when people make jokes like “what do you do you do at Adele concerts? Sing at the top of your lungs and cry?” well yes, yes you do. But she is the most talented, hilarious singer out there and she absolutely knows how to carry a crowd of 20,000 people. 

    Martha's Favourites
    1. Sky Garden
    So for my boyfriends birthday I wanted to do something a little special. But as we're both into living that skint high-life, I knew he'd be peeved if I booked anything expensive, or splashed too much cash. Sky Garden is literally perfect, as it's free to book a time slot, and there's a reasonably priced coffee shop once you're up there.
    We got so lucky with the weather, meaning we had clear sunny views, but them melancholy emo in me could see it also being super beautiful in pouring rain. Due to losing my phone, I lost a lot of my pics (sad face), but the actually garden element of it is equally beautiful. There's something very tranquil about being that high up and surrounded by plants. I found my zen. 

    2. Silk Road, Camberwell
    How has it taken me so long to visit here? I'm all about those cheap eats and you get SO MUCH MORE than you pay for here. I went in a group of four, and two decided to share the 'Big Plate Chicken'....there was enough there to feed a family. It's insane, and quite the experience. You're back to back and shoulder to shoulder with strangers. Great fun!

    3. Aram Gallery
    I know nothing intricate about design, I wish I did but I don't. Aram Gallery is on the top floor of the Aram Store; a prestigious design store in Covent Garden.
    Their current exhibition is really one big question - is the evolution of technology engaging or ruining our communication and productivity? It's really interesting, especially as a blogger who relies on technology so heavily. All free too - worth a visit!

    4. NOAK Bakehouse and Brew
    I'm so lucky to live near to this little treasure chest! Noak Bakehouse and Brew is in Brockley (the best place in the universe), and is still taking baby-steps as it's a very recent opener.

    They've got a super basic menu, that really consists of a few stock items, and damn good coffee. Everything is made to order, even the pastries, and just the photos prove how drool worthy it all is. I'm spending way more money there than I should be...

    I ate my first piece of chocolate, on Sunday 28th, after abstaining for 47 days. It's no exaggeration to say I lost my damn mind. It tastes so sweet, but so scrumptious. I definitely think I'll continue forcing restraint upon myself and my choccie cravings, and I'm so impressed with my own will power. But chocolate, dear friend, it's good to have you back in my life.

    So those are our monthly favourites! We'd love to hear what you've been digging this month - we spent an evening with the Bloggers Hangout, picking up loads of beauty goodies to try out and it's got us thinking we'd love to put some more of that on the blog....any recommendations? What would you like to see.

    Much love.... M & N xxx


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