Monday, 11 April 2016

    London Fields Cycles Relaunch

    One of the many reasons I have such a great love for East London, is that it's the one of the only places in London where you can still feel little pockets that have that 'community vibe' still intact. This is incredibly evident at bike store, London Fields Cycles. Their relaunch party wasn't populated by press etc... instead it was local people who were genuinely excited by the stores reopening, and a lot of Hackney BMX kids.

    The store, sadly, caught flame last year and the structure and the stock were burnt to a crisp. For an independent store this could be fatal, but fortunately with passionate staff and support, they have managed to now rebrand, restock and relaunch.

    You're now able to  buy branded merchandise, which is new for the shop, and the window is adorned with photographs of the staff on their cycling adventures; every person in that place cares so deeply about what they're selling and fixing; you know you're in good hands. 

    It has no pretentiousness, or superiority complex, so as an amateur cyclist don't be put off by the professional vibes...they're so willing to help you'll walk out a complete connoisseur.

    Definitely recommend checking it out! Anywhere else relaunched and rebranded recently? We'd love to know to compare and contrast! ...M xx

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