Thursday, 10 March 2016

    Play Review | The Young Visiters ★★★★

    A book written by a 9 year old adapted to a play isn't always the first production Martha and I would chose to watch the Theatre; however it was a pure delight. Daisy Ashford wrote this book at the mere age of nine(impressive) and it was published in 1919; 28 years after it was written. Now, the daring company Rough Haired Pointer have put this on at the Tabard Theatre this March - adapted and directed by Mary Franklin. 
    As you enter the theatre a recording of a young girl is being played spelling out various words - mostly incorrect which is subtly referring to 9 year old Daisy Ashford's numerous spelling mistakes in the original book. This play is full of very comical overacting, chaos with set changes and a perfect portrayal of seeing the world through the eyes of a child which had the whole audience were laughing throughout the entirety of this performance.

    The narrator effortlessly takes you through the journey, showcasing the high's and lows of climbing the ladder in society and falling in love. One of my favorite parts highlighting their creative use of props was the arriving in London scene, where all the actors had umbrellas with foil inside so when they opened them up it created an effect as if it was raining. The small cast managed to create that hustle and bustle of London in just a few seconds. Almost all of the music and sound effects were created by the actors which I always appreciate and found it worked very well in the particular show.

    This show is definitely worth going to see and I think Rough Haired Pointer are a theatre company to keep an eye on; with their pushing boundaries and highly creative director - we'll be seeing lots more great work from them in the future.

    The Young Visiters is showing until 26th March 2016 at the Tabard Theatre, 2 Bath Road, London, W4 1LW and you can buy tickets here! 

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