Tuesday, 1 March 2016

    Martha in Copenhagen | Days 3 & 4

    I never wanted to leave; days 3 & 4 contained more galavanting about, and you can catch up on days 1 & 2 right here

    The porridge cafe, Grod, had always been high on our list of places to visit; a novelty yes, but at the end of the day we're tourist and there's nothing wrong with a bit of cheesy-ness every now and again!
    So we made our way to Jaeggersbrogade (the street it's on) which we happily found was full of cute little shops and treasure-troves.

     ALSO - happy coincidence - Grod is neighbours with Coffee Collective's flagship store; the food and coffee addict in us rejoiced!
    Annoyingly, the lighting in Grod made it extremely tricky to take a good photo so I'll explain. I got adventurous and went for the savoury option...a beautiful tasting porridge dahl, whilst my boyfriend had a slightly more tame apple compote with Icelandic, natural yoghurt. We sampled each others, they were both DELISH.
    Mildly disappointed by the Coffee Collective flagship...don't get me wrong, the coffee is off the hook, but I guess when you're that popular, the staff have no need to be nice?

    The rest of day three was spent exploring on foot, and just seeing what we could come across. Copenhagen has some beautiful natural parks, such as the stunning Botanical Gardens. I also didn't realise how great the street art is out there, and just how into their vintage stores the Danes are. 

    That night we headed for another strange/brilliant place...Padulan Bog Cafe. Appetising name right, not sure if they know how bog translates?
    Anyways, we knew we wanted Monday as a sort of shopping day, so we googled 'cheap eats in Copenhagen' and this place come out on top. It works similar to a weather spoons (laminated menu, go up to order), but the food is so much better, and the place is so much cooler.
    You can request to have a boardgame at your table, AND IT'S IN A DAMN LIBRARY. Book geek in my went into overdrive - how cool is that? You're surrounded by these beautiful, old, dusty pieces of historic literature, and casually munching on a very good veggie lasagne at the same time.
    What more could a girl want?

    Now, Monday is a kind of dull day to blog about as we literally shopped until we dropped. HOWEVER, if you head over and follow our Instagram I'll be snapping a few of our purchases on there.

    What did I miss in Copenhagen? And who is excited to read all about N's adventures in Berlin, coming soon..... M xx


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