Friday, 4 March 2016

    February Favourites

    It only feels like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year and now we are in March? How does time fly so fast. Being really busy is probably the main factor in this and wow, February was a very fun month. Nikki headed to Berlin and Martha headed to Copenhagen and we spent the month setting goals and planning some really exciting content for you - we cannot wait to share!

    Nikki's Favourites: 

    1. Valentines Day
    I'm a killer for celebrations and always love to make the most of them. Some people hate Valentines Day but I'm not one of them.  However being showered with gifts; teddies, flowers, chocolates and cards is not my style either. My boyfriend very kindly sent me the most beautiful bouquet of pastel roses from Serenata Flowers (I really dislike red roses). He also planned a surprise trip to Berlin which you can read about on the blog VERY soon. We knew we wanted to head on another trip after we had been to Copenhagen at the end of January which you read about here and here; so this was tied into a very sweet Valentines gift - he is a dream!

    2. J & A Cafe 
    This little gem is just around the corner from my office. It is wonderful and I know it is going to be a place to go in when the warmer weather gets here; as they have a super cute courtyard area. The food here is great and you will want to order everything on the menu. For lunch I shared a charcuterie board and then had a delicious chicken soup. It was super hearty and just what I wanted on a cold February lunch time. J & A Cafe is located in Farringdon and you can check their website out here.

    3. Mac Lipstick - Twig 
    I am a killer for MAC lipsticks (who isn't?) so my latest addition is Twig which is a satin finish. I find it pretty long lasting and the pigment is intense but the pink tones are really beautiful. I feel like this along with Velvet Teddy is the ones that each time I wear someone will compliment me! Which is your favourite Mac Lipstick? I can't stop wearing Twig. Maybe the spring will see me in more nude lip colours?

    4. Polpo 
    Polpo opened their first ever restaurant in 2009 in Beak Street, London. Since then the chain has grown and grown and they now have 6 restaurants across London and I believe in December 2015 one opened up in Brighton. I love Tapas style food, so Polpo has always appealed to me; it's always one that's been on my list. So when I finally visited in Farringdon I was very pleased! The food was good and the service too. One thing I would recommend you to try would be their 'cod cheek with lentils and salsa verde'.

    5. New hair 
    So I have decided to change up my hair and I have cut SIX inches off and gone for a long bob, aka. a LOB haha. I went to see my lovely hairdresser Clive at MacCarthy London in Farringdon. It is such a great hairdressers and I feel like I am in very safe hands. So I didn't panic too much when Clive cut all my hair off. I am really loving my new hair and I am finding it much more manageable.

    Martha's Favourites: 

    1. Rowse Organic Honey
    As a good British tea drinker, I was personally affronted when someone suggested I try organic honey in my tea, rather than sugar. Honey is for toast, and occasionally porridge?? Who was this devil trying to tear me away from my tradition.....a genius apparently! It's so much healthier, and Rowse Organic Honey isn't extortionately expensive.

    2. MightyBee
    Unfortunately for me, a mass amount of my month has been spent bogged down by a nasty cold/bug, and so I've been overly healthy in the hope of ridding myself of it ASAP rocky. One thing that has had me feeling a little more normal is Mighty Bee's Raw Coconut Water. You can taste it's healthy, like, you can just taste it.

    3. Ziggy Sawdust
    My adorable, youngster housemate (thinking about doing a 'Meet the Mad House' post soon) has turned 21 today. Her birthday present from her Mum was a bunny rabbit, so, by default...I HAVE A BUNNY. It's not mine (wahhhh) but I get to cuddle and love him and his hutch is just outside my window. He is my soulmate, and if you're ever looking for me I'll be found in his hutch. Name? Ziggy Sawdust.

    4. Florists
    By pure accident, I wandered to Nunhead Station a few days ago, instead of my own, and there's a brilliant florist/plant shop right opposite it. It's all super affordable and the staff are really kind and friendly to an amateur like me.

    Then I returned to a trusted favourite; there's a great florist right next to Brockley Mess called Lydia Florist. They're very personable, and can tailor just about anything.

    5. The Vaults
    Nikki and I were fortunate enough to be invited to the current Vaults Festival, to review a couple of plays, so keep your eyes on the blog next week. I was totally blown away by the uber-coolness of the venue! How has it taken me this long to go there? So shabby chic. Definitely will be visiting again, as I hear they do club nights, and the prices seemed reasonable at the bar.

    What was your favourites in February?

    Lots of Love, 
    Split the City 


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