Wednesday, 24 February 2016

    Martha in Copenhagen | Days 1 & 2

    So Nikki was back for a week, and then I went and did a romantic, little excursion to Copenhagen too! It's super cool that we get to bring you a 'split' review of a city other than our beloved London. 
    Brace yourselves....these won't be short and sweet posts; we (boyfriend and me) did so much! I'll try and keep in photo-heavy and text-light but that never works out ahaha! 
    Here goes....days one and two:

    DAY ONE.
    After stepping away from the beautiful central station, we made our way to the hotel. We stayed at Comfort Hotel Vesterbro, and I highly recommend; it's in such a good location, and the staff (our fave was a chap called Ivan) are so helpful with tips and tricks of local delights. 
    The told us a few streets behind the hotel (Istedgade) was a great place for cute independent cafes we headed there. HILARITY ENSUED. What they'd neglected to tell us is that the first half of that street is Copenhagen's red light district, with leggy ladies paving the road. We got so confused, and thought the hotel may've been pranking us, but soon enough we made it past that part.
    We decided to pop into Juicy. It's pretty basic stuff, but excellent, and the two women owners were super friendly. Danish people are A LOT more trusting and of the owners was letting her little baby boy sleep in his pram, OUTSIDE THE SHOP.

    We stayed in this area for a while, exploring the design stores and stopped off for VERY decadent pastries (another thing the danes are famed for), before venturing into the centre of the city.

    The main event - for us - in the shopping part, was of course, the Lego store....what a way to revert into being a big kid! We spent an embarrassing amount of time in there, creating and playing, and then went to seek out another passion of ours...GOOD COFFEE.
    Off a recommendation of a friend we were already planning on visiting the Coffee Collective flagship spot later in the trip, but we accidentally fell into Coffee House on our first day, which uses their beans. We were happy bunnies. 
    There were plenty of shops to explore, but we were knackered and decided day 4 would be our shopping day, as we'd have a better idea of our budget for treats. Plus, with this much walking and excitement, we were starving - again! So we headed back to Vesterbro area to seek out dinner.
    That night we had intended to go to Mother, a sourdough pizza restaurant near the Meat Packing district, however...the very rude MC kindly let us know that you have to book at least three days in advance to secure a table. We ended up in Co-Ma
    Imagine my sheer glee when I spotted they served 'the best G&T' in the world!!! The waiter taking care of us was super kind and lovely, asking loads of questions about us and our trip. The food was divine (truffle oil risotto for me, burger for him), and the G&T did not disappoint.

    Food coma's are a legit thing...we rolled back to our hotel and were asleep within five minutes. Day One, was conquered!

    DAY TWO.
    After a mammoth sleep we were raring to go! After N's advice, and what with the boy being a product designer, we knew Design Museum was high on our list of things to see. What a brilliant place, and how wonderful that everyone under the age of 26 gets to see it for free. 
    The current exhibition is 'learning from Japan' so we were both intrigued, as Scandi and Japanese design are so distinct.  
    The exhibition was incredibly interesting, and the more you understand of Japanese design, you can clearly see how it's 'cleanliness' has heavily Scandi design. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and a perfect way to shelter from the miserable weather.

    Brilliantly, my sisters boyfriend, Gustav, is currently living in Copenhagen, so we had pre-arranged to meet up with him whilst we were out there.
    He met us in the museum cafe, drenched from cycling in the rain...everyone cycles apparently...and received a very soggy but loving hug!
    Having a local tour guide was so handy, as we got to see sights we'd have never of made it to on our own. 
    We said a quick hello to the Queen as you can walk right through her residence; no big gates like Buckingham palace, then the boys geeked out at Hay House (also in N's post) before we entered Torvenhelle - an indoor food market.
    We all agreed we deserved a beer/gin for battling the weather so that's exactly what we got. I guess this place is the equivalent of Borough Market out there? You're spoiled for choice, and everything looks/smells insane.
    After a goodbye with Gustav, it was approaching 8pm and we were getting hangry (my new fave word).
    ...our dinner was the highlight of my trip. No joke, and it was all thanks to my boyfriend. He'd scouted out the best veggie/vegan places in Copenhagen and stumbled across Simple Raw. Their menu, their physical menu, is a piece of art. They serve purely raw, vegan food, and a selection of vegan milkshakes and smoothies. 
    Oh. My. God. EVERYONE HAS TO GO. That is an order. It was so cheap, and so so so so so good. We dined liked kings....literally, there are not enough superlatives in the world for this place. It's pretty tiny, but wasn't overflowing or cramped...and the food speaks for itself.
    I was so happy to experience a place where I could pick from the whole menu, in a foreign city. Usually vegans get one corner of the menu, here you have the run of the place! Couldn't get over how brilliant all the options looked. We settled on sharing a tapas plate, and some vegan sushi rolls....just look at it:
    And with that, we concluded day number two....writing it out I can't believe how much we crammed in. We saw so many corners of the city in just two days....and there's still two more to come.

    Keep popping back to the blog to find out how our last two days were spent. What should I have seen first? Anything big you think I missed? ...M x


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