Friday, 12 February 2016

    January Favourites

    What an incredibly busy month it's been! We've settled into the New Year with very busy schedules, and lots of things to write about. Everyone has a resurgence of energy in January; it's that fresh-start feeling; and it's giving us great vibes for 2016.

    Here are our January favourites:

    Martha's Favourites

    1. Ethos Foods
    Welcome to veggie paradise! This restaurant, just behind Oxford Street, is done in a buffet style, and you pay by weight of the plate; dangerous if you're a big fan the heavy stuff. But....most glorious part....every single thing is vegetarian...a lot of it's vegan too!

    2. Free London
    In London, there is no excuse for staying in, NONE. Of course if you want to have a chill night that's a valid reason, but if you're broke, there's still SO MUCH fun to be had. I've had my January calendar jam-packed with activities, and haven't spent barely anything on any of them. Sometimes it's great to just to marvel at London's favourite spot for that is Kings Cross. And don't even get me started on free art! I went to the Kinman Gallery in Shoreditch for a launch; the art was good, and the Prosecco flowed, didn't cost me a penny!
    In February I'm going to try and focus my energy on hunting down the best free events; I've already got a documentary screening and a lecture lined up....ALL FOR FREE. Seriously, just hunt stuff down on Facebook events, and follow Skint London on Twitter. You can do it.

    3. Barbican Conservatory
    Another free activity! The Barbican Conservatory is a hidden gem; they don't rave about it or advertise it too much, which means if you're clever enough to visit it's chilled out and sparsely populate. Only open to the public on Sunday's it's a rare treat indeed, that you'll most likely to plan in advance. It makes a surprisingly romantic date too!

    4. Coffee
    So coffee, for me, isn't just a monthly favourite, or even a yearly's essentially a lifetime favourite. But this month in particular I've been feeding my caffeine addiction with really good coffee; Black Sheep Coffee opened up directly opposite my offices, which is going to prove detrimental to my bank account. Also, had a glorious time at Bens Canteen sampling their famous Aussie Iced Coffee.'s been a good month for coffee.

    5. 2016
    I am loving this year! It's full of exciting things, and I'm just getting generally good vibes. Already, Nikki and I have packed in holidays/goals/reviews, and there's so much more to come! Viva 2016!!!

    Nikki's Favorites

    1. Urban Decay Naked Palette

    I am not sure if I arrived late to the party on this one but who even cares? Urban Decay are such a great, affordable high street brand. I always love their products and would highly recommend them to anyone.  Their palettes have always been beautiful and I love their Naked Smokey Palette so much. On their website it is under their 'Blogger favorites' section and it is exactly that. The shadows are long lasting and I would recommend putting on their Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion before applying your eyeshadow. If you're in Covent Garden head into their shop their - the girls in there are super lovely and helpful!

    2. Viet Food 
    Viet Food is located on Wardour Street, Soho and I am so pleased that I have found this little gem of a restaurant. What should you eat when you're there? EVERYTHING haha! No on a serious note, everything we tried was outstanding. I read some reviews before I went and made sure to try the most popular dishes people were recommending. You need to try the Crispy Coconut Calamari, the Traditional Rice Paper Summer Rolls with Prawns, Stir Fry Me Me Beef Sirlon and Grilled Scallop and Prawns Saigon Style. The restaurant is spacious, in a great location and I would recommend sitting upstairs.

    3. Travel Planning 
    2016 is a year of travelling for me. As my schedule doesn't allow for me to take 3-6 months out to go travelling I make sure each year I visit somewhere I have never been before. The end of January I went on a city break to Copenhagen which you can read all about here! This is the first of many trips I have planned this year. Other locations include; Berlin, Barcelona, Portugal and Spain. I love going on holiday - who doesn't? But be sure to follow our Instagram to keep up with all things travel as well as lots of other lovely photos.

    4. Filofax 
    So in the new year it was time for a new diary. I have always used Moleskine's as I find them really nice and easy to carry round. However, this year it was time for a change, if you know me you would know as much as I am pretty tech savvy; I adore having my diary in my handbag and I use it everyday. It is an essential for me. I have always been keen on owning a Filofax and I am so please I have finally got one. I invested in the Black Finsbury Personal Organiser. I think this one is the perfect size and I love the textured leather. I will use this for years to come and keep buying the infills which is one thing that is great about having a Filofax.

    5. Chanel Eclat Lumiere 
    This highlighter face pen is an great addition to your make up bag. I have this product in the colour Beige Clair. It is obviously on the higher end for make up products but one I think is worth investing in. I was looking for a light-concealer and that is exactly what the Ecalt Lumiere offers whilst lighting up your eyes.  It is a great size to be able to pop in your handbag so you can touch up throughout the day. I find the coverage lasts up to 6 hours and blends well.

    We hope you liked our first favorites of 2016. What restaurant should we visit next? Do you have any travel plans yet for 2016? What's been the best free thing you've done in London?

    Lots of love,

    Split the City x


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