Thursday, 18 February 2016

    Giving up Chocolate

    I've never really participated in Lent before, because I've never really been one for excess...however when this year rolled around, I stopped and thought; 'Is there anything my life might be better without?' ...for me, the word, 'chocoholic' doesn't even cover it.

    I can easily get through more than a few chocolate bars per day...they are my snack of choice. A Snickers here, a Twirl there, who cares?! I thought...that's not a healthy way to think. Before you know it you're knee deep in Lindt, and wondering what went wrong with your life.
    I gave it up more out of intrigue than anything else, to purely test my self-will. Turns out it is hard. That sugar rush is as addictive anything else, and I've struggle, a lot. But I've learnt there are alternatives out there.
    For those of you with the same affliction, here's what helped me through:

    Coffee + Tea
    You shouldn't supplement one addiction for another, and for me coffee borders on addiction... Yet, I did find when my stomach was grumbling for some choc, it was usually silenced by a cosy beverage. Maybe it's due to this cold weather, but I found it just as satisfying to have a cup of tea, as I would to have a choccie bar.

    Proper Meals
    Snacking and chocolate go hand in hand, they really do, and I am a serial snacker! I made a conscious effort over this time to ensure I sat down for all three meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm the worst culprit for 'eating-on-the-go' or grazing, but I seriously felt so much better this way. There was less time between eating, so less growls from my tummy! Avoid snacking = avoid chocolate.

    I genuinely enjoy exercise, I'm one of them. But if you're cutting out something in favour of a healthier lifestyle then why the hell not go full force?  The gym makes me feel productive and happy about how I'm spending my time. If it's a lifestyle choice, it's a lot easier to get in the habit of picking weights, over Mini Eggs...

    Ewww. Don't judge me, but if it's not in a Nutri-Bullet, I find it very hard to get excited over. Fortunately, I've invested in a Nutri-Bullet. It's really satisfying bottling up a healthy smoothie each morning, to sip on my way into work. I find starting the day that way really wakes me, and fills me, up. Also, as my body is getting more and more used to consuming fruit, I'm finding it less and less difficult to pick an Apple over chocolate. 

    Naked Bars
    These are the best thing ever! I've fallen completely in love with, and even began buying them in bulk, because, trust me, I'll get through them! They give you that little kick each time! I ADORE THEM. So healthy, and I love knowing exactly what's in my food - no nasties - so these are literally ideal. The perfect healthy supplement, and they have such an expansive range there's bound to be one everyone enjoys.

    I can't promise that I'm off the chocolate's a lifelong love. But I certainly feel stronger in my conviction that it's not a necessity to my life.

    What did you guys give up? ...M x


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