Wednesday, 24 February 2016

    Martha in Copenhagen | Days 1 & 2

    So Nikki was back for a week, and then I went and did a romantic, little excursion to Copenhagen too! It's super cool that we get to bring you a 'split' review of a city other than our beloved London. 
    Brace yourselves....these won't be short and sweet posts; we (boyfriend and me) did so much! I'll try and keep in photo-heavy and text-light but that never works out ahaha! 
    Here goes....days one and two:


    Thursday, 18 February 2016

    Giving up Chocolate

    I've never really participated in Lent before, because I've never really been one for excess...however when this year rolled around, I stopped and thought; 'Is there anything my life might be better without?' ...for me, the word, 'chocoholic' doesn't even cover it.

    I can easily get through more than a few chocolate bars per day...they are my snack of choice. A Snickers here, a Twirl there, who cares?! I thought...that's not a healthy way to think. Before you know it you're knee deep in Lindt, and wondering what went wrong with your life.
    I gave it up more out of intrigue than anything else, to purely test my self-will. Turns out it is hard. That sugar rush is as addictive anything else, and I've struggle, a lot. But I've learnt there are alternatives out there.
    For those of you with the same affliction, here's what helped me through:


    Monday, 15 February 2016

    Travel to... | Copenhagen Day 2 & 3

    So now you have read up on Day One of my trip to Copenhagen, it's time to fill you in on day 2 & 3 of our trip. As you may have gathered from the Day One post - I absolutely love Copenhagen and I think that is the general consensus of people going there or who live there.


    Sunday, 14 February 2016

    BAFTA's 2016 | Winners

    February is such a great time of the year as we see the nights getting lighter and the occasional sunny day getting us excited for summer. However another reason I love this time of the year is it is AWARDS SEASON. From the Brit Awards on 24th February, Oscar Awards on 28th February and BAFTA's 14th February - thats right last night. I love making an evening out of watching awards and as it was Valentines Day my best friend Emma came over and we got our snacks ready and wrote out our predictions for the evening.

    Here is a list of the winners:


    Saturday, 13 February 2016

    Valentines & Avoiding the Cringe Factor

    I adore my boyfriend. I think the sun shines out of his rear-end, and I would take a bullet to the butt for him. However, I can't do soppy. I try so hard, but I just can't do it. Big pink love hearts, and teddy bears holding balloons tend to make me recoil in horror...I don't do cringe.
    So this is a little guide, for those of you with a cold, dead heart like me, who'd rather do Valentines minus all the mush. could go for dinner. Dinner is nice and food is good, but chances are you're going to end up opposite a load of other couples, all in competition for who can be the most sickly. could go around the London Eye, and stare out into the view together, but chances are you're going to cramped in with tourists elbowing you out of the way, because you're ruining their selfie. could go for a romantic stroll through Hyde Park, but it's freaking freezing and you're going to stand in dog poop.
    Here are my suggestions:


    Friday, 12 February 2016

    January Favourites

    What an incredibly busy month it's been! We've settled into the New Year with very busy schedules, and lots of things to write about. Everyone has a resurgence of energy in January; it's that fresh-start feeling; and it's giving us great vibes for 2016.

    Here are our January favourites:


    Monday, 8 February 2016

    Review | Trainspotting, Kings Head Theatre ★★★★★

    How I'll get through this review without swearing is completely beyond me, but I'm going to give it a go.

    Trainspotting, by Irvine Welsh, is my favourite book. It borders on obsession; I think I first read it when I was around 14/15, and I just fell in love with the vulgarity and aggression. Thankfully, in my life, I've never known someone to have a destructive substance addiction, but what resonated with me was the anger and friendships of the small town atmosphere. Then I saw the film and my mind erupted even more so; well acted, gut-wrenching and hilarious. It deserved all of the accolades going.
    I went to see Irvine Welsh talk at a public reading when he released 'Skagboys', and he was so eloquent, and clever, about his topics and writing, that I then proceeded to read the entire Irvine Welsh back catalogue.
    Trainspotting will always be my favourite, and hold a special place in my heart and so I'm very, very protective of it.
    Kings Head, and In Your Face Theatre, had a lot to live up to.


    Thursday, 4 February 2016

    Travel to... | Copenhagen - Day One

    This weekend I headed on a short city break to Copenhagen. I love going on city breaks and exploring new places. When you're working hard all year it's nice to break it up with a city break here and there.  This year I vowed to travel even more. Last year I did plenty of travelling but there is always more to be done. 


    Tuesday, 2 February 2016

    Review | In The Heights, Kings Cross Theatre ★★★★

    I had the pure pleasure of seeing In the Heights, at Kings Cross Theatre, on Monday 25th. It exceeded every expectation I had.

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