Wednesday, 27 January 2016

    The Old George, Bethnal Green

    The Old George pub dates way, way back to the 1700's, and is a staple in the Bethnal Green/Shoreditch area. It spent some time closed, but reopened its doors in 2013, and now in 2016, it it has converted its entire first floor into a stunning restaurant.

    We both did a quick flick over the menu before arriving, and were pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the dishes; truly something for everybody. As a vegetarian I didn't feel restricted, and Nikki's eyes lit up at all the choices in front of her.
    The manager served us, and he was a total sweetheart; really personable, chatty and helpful. He matched the restaurants, and East London's, naturally laid-back vibe, and introduced us to the cutie that is Patches, the restaurant's cat.

    To start, I opted for the Goats Cheese Bon Bons, and Nikki had the Feuillete of Quail we both started veggie!
    The presentation of the starters were enough to get us drooling! It was all well cooked, with no flavours overpowering eachother...(for a dish including a beetroot puree, that's quite tricky). We were chuffed to bits.

     Then, onto the mains. Again I was so thrilled to be offered not just one, but two, vegetarian meals to choose from! Spoiled rotten!

    More out of curiosity than hunger, I picked the Stinging Nettle Gnocchi, and Nikki's spectacular looking plate was the Roast Wild Pheasant. You can find full details on all their dishes, on their site just here.
    The servings were just right in size - big enough to fill you up, but small enough to leave room for desert...a masterful art. sweet tooth, I am certain, will be the death of me, however it has to be a pretty special occasion for Nikki to want desert; she's a cheeseboard girl. And yet - if you see Blood Orange Tart on the menu, you don't say no. MY FAVOURITE BIT *drum roll please*..

    Sooo good that words won't do it justice, you'll need to go and try it for yourself. It's just the perfect, refreshing way to finish off a brilliant dinner. 

    The Old George restaurant is still so very new, and that means in certain aspects it's still finding its feet - but trust us - if this is how they find their feet, then RIDICULOUSLY brilliant things are still to come. 

    Another brilliant foodie spot in East London! ....M x


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