Monday, 18 January 2016

    The General Store, Peckham

    This weekend was an extremely busy one; I hit the Lumiere London festival in Kings Cross, danced my socks off at a Justin Bieber themed club night, and then strolled down Bellenden Road in Peckham on Sunday. That's where I found this treasure, The General Store.

    The General Store is, essentially, a grocer in Peckham selling, what I'd refer to as, 'war time essentials': cheese, bread, coffee, wine, beer, fruit and vegetables. Their main concern though is they source their items from places that care about the product...the quality and integrity of it.

    To me, the big sell is the simple elegance of the stores branding. It's just divine to look at, and for some reason you instantly trust it all. Perhaps it's the warmth of the shopkeeps, perhaps it's the community-vibe running through it all, who knows! 

    Personal highlight? The olive oil. To me good olive oil is the damn bees knees. Just give me olive oil and bread, and I'm one happy lady. But did you know (you probably did) that you're usually paying for the glass bottle, rather than the oil, when you're buying good quality stuff? NOT ANYMORE.

    You can either buy a kilner bottle there, or bring your own plastic one (an empty volvic or wine bottle) and fill that up. You pay solely for the oil you take away with you, not for any fancy glass.

    I'll definitely be paying another visit there soon. It's a great place to stock your cupboards, but also a great place for gifts; the items are pretty and good - what's not to love?

    ...M x


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