Tuesday, 5 January 2016

    ASOS Sale Wishlist

    We all know there's one sale that counts, and that's the ASOS sale....it's beautiful banner is right there exclaiming, 'UP TO 70% OFF.' I mean who on this Earth could resist such bargains.
    Their 'save for later' function is a total stroke of genius and now my saved items are overflowing.
    Here are a few faves:

    Quirky, affordable, and designed for tall ladies such as myself.

    Knit means winter, cute as hell dress means summer.

    In my head I'm watching Wimbledon and looking super fly.

    Such a cute girly staple piece, and at such a low low price.

    I've had this saved since it's full price (£50) so that's a whopping discount.

    I intend to see a lot more beaches this year, and this beaut will be packed.

    Maybe a tad expensive for a sale item, but goth is always chic.

    Summer is just around the corner.

    Shame the co-ord top is no longer in stock, but these are cute as a button anyways. 

    What have you snapped up in the sales? ...M x


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