Monday, 7 December 2015

    Blogmas | Top 5 Christmas Songs

    Oh come on, it's blogmas, this post was inevitable!

    We were listening to some Christmas bangers when setting up Nikki's tree, and they truly help you get into that festive vibe. So here are my top 5:

    1. Otis Redding - White Christmas

    This was played on loop at my Dad's house during Christmas. White Christmas is his favourite festive movie, and this version is just so soulful and stunning. I could listen to it any time of the year.

    2. Bing Crosby + David Bowie - Little Drummer Boy

    I am told, by my boyfriend, that this song is cool purely because of David Bowie. Honestly? I was not convinced....then I got home and listened to it. This tune is catchy and joyous! What more can you as from a Christmas song?!

    3. Olivia Olson - All I Want For Christmas

    Big sweeping statement time - LOVE ACTUALLY IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE EVER. And this sweet as hell scene makes the whole thing! This kid is talented, where is she?!?!

    4. She and Him - Baby It's Cold Outside

    It's so whimsical and sweet....makes it easier to stomach the creepy undertones of the lyrics! Zooey Deschanel's voice continues to amaze me, but this her at her manic-pixie-dream-girl best.

    5. The Pogues - Fairytale of New York

    Was it ever going to be anything else? On Christmas Eve, when I'm out at 23.59 in my hometown, this song comes on and my body just floods with happiness. The Pogues are Christmas. Fact

    ...M x


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