Monday, 14 December 2015

    Blogmas | Top 5 Christmas Films

    Happy Monday! Still can't believe how fast Christmas is coming round and I still have Christmas Presents to buy. December is my favourite month and I don't want it to go so fast. This was another one of those inevitable posts. My top 5 Christmas films, it's so hard to just narrow it down to 5 but here we go:

    1. Elf  

    It has to be Elf, it is just such a festive film and I love having it on whilst wrapping presents and writing my Christmas cards. I think everyones loves this film and now they have the musical version of it, I have not had a chance to go see it yet, but it is on my list. I have not read a post or watched a video without seeing this creeping into peoples favourite Christmas movie.

    2. Home Alone

    I had this on whilst writing this post and I love it so much. It has recently been the 25th anniversary of Home Alone which is madness but just proves this film is just such a classic as years and years later people still love this film. I feel like every time I watch it I notice something different and I love films like that. 

    3. Love Actually

    Recently online there has been a post circulating regarding the deleted scenes that didn't make it into Love Actually which are so adorable - especially the Lesbian Scene. This reminded me how much I just love that film and will most certainly be re watching it this week ready for the build up to christmas .

    4. The Holiday

    This film just makes me happy. I love watching it all year round I remember after I had first watched it it was one of those films I would have on over and over again. Its a film I will never tire of. All the happiness and love is just nice to be reminded of this time of the year. 

    5. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

    I adore this film, it makes me laugh so much. It is a favourite in the Langworthy household and we usually have this on Christmas Day in the evening or Boxing Day. We love watching this. Myself and my family went to watch the premier of 'Vacation' which is based around the Lampoon family. It reminded me how much I am exciting to watch the Christmas version this month! 

    Well thats my top 5 favourite christmas films, short and sweet but most people have seen these films so didn't want to go on about them! Whats your favourite? Did any of my top 5 make it into your top 5? 

    Lots of Love, 
    N x 


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