Friday, 18 December 2015

    Blogmas | Random Act of Kindness

    Hello there and welcome back to our Blogmas and it is now officially 1 week until Christmas day. How scary/exciting/really scary. I really hope that you have been enjoying our Blogmas as much as we have enjoyed thinking of fun and interesting posts to share with you. We have still found it hard writing and thinking of 12 posts each across the 24 days due to our jam packed schedules so we are feeling for those bloggers who have written 24! Hats off to you all.

    This time of the year is full of festive cheer and happiness but we do have to take time to think of those who are less fortunate and/or alone this time of year. I wanted to share with you something my sister recently did. She works for a law firm in Lincolnshire. As part of their on-going support of locally based charities, they took part in the Gift Tree Festival arranged by Framework and sponsored one of the Christmas trees.

    Framework provide accommodation to 160 homeless people across Lincolnshire and this year they are giving the opportunity for these people to have a memorable Christmas. What they were doing is you visit the 'Gift Tree Festival' and choose a tag from one of the trees, pick up a present whilst doing your Christmas shopping, then later on leave the present at their 'present drop off zone' and they will wrap it up for you. I think that this is such a magical idea. My sister volunteered at the weekend and was encouraging people to get involved she said “I thought this was a great idea, it was so nice to see so many people getting involved and being so generous.

    If you would like to donate a gift you can find a list of their recommended gift items by visiting:

    If you are not local and can't visit The Gift Tree you can also help by making a donation:

    Ideas of things you can do to help?

    1. Buy lunch for a homeless person 
    I like to do this and I wish I did it more than I already do. I feel like this may be on my list for New Years Resolutions. However, I will most certainly be doing this on Christmas Eve. 

    2. Volunteer at a care home 
    Be sure to call ahead to see if it is possible to make a visit, or if you know a family member go along and plan to spend a little longer on your visit so you can have a chat with others living there to give them a little company. 

    3. Text Santa 
    Visit their website  to find out more or head to my Christmas Jumper Blogmas post! To donate Text: SANTA5 to donate £5 or SANTA10 to donate £10. Text Santa is actually this evening so be sure to tune in at8pm on ITV. 

    Please share with me your ideas from a Random Act of Kindness? 

    Lots of love, 
    N x 


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