Thursday, 3 December 2015

    Blogmas | Martha's Wishlist

    So soon after my birthday, I always feel like an utter greed monster asking for anything at Christmas! But if I were forced to pick, below are the goodies I'm hoping Santa brings me this Christmas. I swear I've been a good girl!

    1. Missguided Zip Cut Out Bodysuit
    How sexy is this bodysuit?! Ideal for Christmas because it's long sleeved, meaning it's still practical enough for winter, but the deep plunge makes it perfect for Christmas parties, and New Years after that! At £25 it's really well priced, and the black colour means it can be dressed up (like above), or kept casual with a pair of skinny jeans.

    2. Skinny Dip Krusty Coin Purse
    So I, along with every other person my age, I used to love tuning into The Simpsons on BBC2, at 6pm, and then follow it up with an episode of The Fresh Prince of Belair. It's hard not to get nostalgic about it. Skinny Dip's wonderful new Krusty collection provides the perfect outlet for that nostalgia. It's quirky, and a cool talking point, without being in your face; I heart it.

    3. Lost Ink White Croc Heels
    At a respectable £45 these are FRESH. Lost Ink are actually a West London brand, who've been around for just under two years. Their pieces are affordable but durable. They pride themselves on celebrating individuality, and think every woman should have the ability to express theirs, without breaking the bank; my kind of brand!

    4. Charbonnel et Walker Truffles
    Christmas isn't Christmas without some chocolate; fact. Last year my Mum announced that maybe we'd grown out of selection boxes, I of course quashed such a ridiculous notion. These beauties can be found at John Lewis for just £4. You read that right. £4. That means it's acceptable to buy 3 boxes right...?

    5. Cowshed Winter Candle
     This 100% soy wax candle is the thing dreams are made of; a wintery scent with the warming comfort of a candle. Seriously, my room is filled with candles. It's a fire hazard. £36 is not cheap for a candle, but I think this all natural brand is worth it. And if you can't splurge at Christmas when can you? Looks like mine and Nikki's shared love of candles has made both our lists!

    So that's my wishlist so far....I'm sure it'll grow and change over the course of the month; I imagine this is incredibly frustrating for anyone who's getting my a pressie but ah well!

    ...M x


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