Friday, 11 December 2015

    Blogmas | Martha's Christmas Traditions

    Christmas, for me, is a little mental; lots of running about, and that's exactly how I like it!

    My traditions begin on Christmas Eve. Due to work, it's very rare that I'm able to travel back before Christmas Eve, and so the one festive treat I allow myself is a first class train ticket home.
    There's something that just feels right about sitting in first class, music pumping through my headphones, and watching the world pass my by, in a train carriage.

    Once I've been greeted at the station with a cuddle, as soon as I'm home I'm out again. Christmas Eve, since turning 18, has been spent getting a little merry, in our local Whetherspoons, with a big collection of my high school friends. It's fun and silly. I'm sort of the bad friend, who never really goes home, so this is my chance to make it up to them.
    Also, back home a gin & tonic is like £3?! I'm sorry, what....I'll have five.

    It hits midnight (in the grimiest club you will ever see) and The Pogues inevitably plays; that's when everybody filters out on to the streets and I begin my solo walk home. I cherish this walk home. I remember one year it had snowed, and my iPod played Wonderwall...and I have never felt more cinematic. This little walk home gives me time to process how thankful I am for my friends and family back home, and how I should visit more (I should always visit more). 

    Christmas morning I wake up at my Mums house. Now, for my brother's 21st and my 18th we shared a joint present of a trip to New York....we naturally fell in love with bagels. So every Christmas morning in the Allpress household we wake up to cream cheese bagels, and each have a glass of Bucks Fizz. This year it'll be a beautiful case of 6 from Marks and Spencers.

    After brekkie it's the bit everyone loves....opening presents! I genuinely (not trying to be a saint) adore watching people open gifts. It's purely childlike glee and it's just fantastic. You can check out my wishlist for 2015 here.
    We spend time giggling and playing with our new gadgets; usually whack open a tub of Pringles. The morning always goes too fast, and before your know it it's time to hop out of my PJ's, into actual clothes, and get in the car to join the celebrations happening at Dad's.

    A Watson Christmas is a Christmas like no other. Imagine this day with a family that proudly boast the invention of 'Inappropriate Sunday Dinner' (we all compete for who can make the rudest remark over Sunday dinner).....yeah imagine that. There's brussel sprouts flying everywhere. 
    So by the time my brother and I have arrived, the party is in full flow. 
    We're usually allowed to open one present to quench our thirst...but Christmas Dinner comes first. 
    As a vegetarian, I love Christmas Dinner at my Dad's because the veggies out-rank the meat eaters.So we devour a glorious vegetable feast.
    A Watson Christmas is always tinged by the Scottish-ness running through us, and so there's plenty of booze to be found. I myself drink gin (I'm an old lady, leave me alone). This year I've got my eye on this particular bottle from John Lewis:
    Once we're all almost comatose from the amount of food we've just consumed, we'll sloth our way over to the living room....BECAUSE MORE PRESSIES!

    The evening is usually spent watching a new movie someone's got, or listening to whatever new music has been received. For me there's one film that signals Christmas....Chicken Run! Here me out....isn't it on like every Christmas?! I swear it is.

    And there you have it, my Christmas is a food and booze fueled time, filled with happiness and home.

    ....M x


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