Wednesday, 23 December 2015

    Blogmas | Martha's 2015

    Well, in all honesty, it's not been my favourite year. In passing, within posts, Nikki and I may have mentioned that 2015 has been rather harsh for both of us, but as it draws to a close, you've got to search for that silver lining.
    Yes, the majority of 2015 was truly awful. However, this year I found a new appreciation for my family's support, I feel closer to my best friends than ever before, I got to travel to Paris with my soulmate (Nikki), and I met my wonderful boyfriend.
     I'm willing to thank the bad things in 2015, without them I wouldn't be strutting into 2016, the confident, strong woman I am.
    Here are my highlights:

    My Favourite Blog Post
    This was incredibly tricky to pick. It's actually so bizarre to me that we only began properly blogging, at full force, in April. We've achieved fantastic milestones, but for me, the T2 Party will forever be a great moment.
    This is one of our best received posts, and for me it'll stand out as the moment where Nikki and I both thought, 'we can really make a go of this.' The blogging community is so welcoming and friendly, so mingling with the other guests was a delight....the food and cocktails weren't too shabby either.

    My Favourite New Beauty Product
    I am telling you now, this little stick does wonders! The eyebrow gel from Blink Brow Bar is a total steal too at just £17. I pride myself on my brows, they're largely untouched, and have a natural thickness and shape to them. The reason I adore this product is because it doesn't feel like makeup; you can wear it all day and forget it's there. It holds brow shape and colour so well, it's just become a definite handbag necessity for me.

    My Favourite New Fashion Purchase
    Excuse the incredibly embarrassing photos, I never can pose nicely...but spot what these two awful pics have in common:
    IT'S THE HAT. My beautiful Adidas beanie that I will forever wear, in any weather (although it has been the greatest winter accessory of all time). It's so relaxed, and that fits in with my style. I couldn't tell you the last day I didn't wear it, actually....thinking about probably needs a wash. It's now out of stock on ASOS, so I've got my eye on this one next.

    My Favourite New Book
    I will never, and have never, made any secret of my strong feminist opinions. I was raised a feminist, by both parents, but it wasn't until I was living on my own in London, that I truly understood why it was so important. Maybe it wasn't even until this year. Maybe it wasn't even until I read 'Yes Please' by Amy Poehler. 
    I am strong, emotional, brave, hormonal, clever and irrational, and a whole heap of things in between, because I'm human. I can achieve anything I want, or fall asleep early on a Friday night watching Eastenders, because I am human.
    Just trust me, this book is important for your soul.

    My Favourite New Salon
    I am very particular with my hair....I used to rock a pixie crop when I was younger, and now it's all long and flawless I am so reluctant to let anyone touch it. I have, this year, put my faith in Blue Tit. Silly me has never taken any snaps of the wonderful work they do, but if you check out their website you'll soon be a fan too.

    And that's where I'll round it up; could've gone on forever about faves....but you'll find them already scattered through the blog (The Hope in Peckham, Ekcovision, Design Museum, etc...). 

    Roll on 2016! I reckon it's going to kick ass ....M x


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