Monday, 21 December 2015

    Blogmas | Martha in Winter Wonderland

    Other than blogmas I've had a distinct lack of festive factors in my December; I've been too busy getting ready for Christmas, that I haven't actually had time to FEEL Chritsmassy....leave it to Winter Wonderland to sort that out!

    Of course the minute we stepped inside the gates, the heavens opened and we had to run for shelter....nothing like a bit of British weather to ruin date day! Fortunately, as two caffeine addicts, we sniffed out the coffee stand and perched under their safe shelter until the rain had passed.
    I've only ever been to Winter Wonderland once before, since living in London. It's so far away from my house, and from my work, that it was somewhere I always have the best intentions of visiting, but never quite make it. So, as I finally got there, I decided there's no point doing it by halves....I was going to be the biggest kid ever! Enter cookies...
    Winter Wonderland's food is infamous....there's just so much of it. We shared and peanut butter and snickers cookie, whilst we strolled around searching out what we wanted as our main took us a solid hour to form a decision (we went with Chinese noodles in the end)....but we could have had burgers, fries, Bratwurst (not for me, but there is SO much Bratwurst there?!). The possibilities were endless.
    Next up - rides. A theme park is not a theme park without a go on the fun house. FACT.
    Yes, it was just us and a load of smaller people about ten years our junior but who cares?! Fun houses do exactly what they say on the sign; they're super fun! I had a stomach ache by the time we got off because I was laughing too much.
    I didn't get any other snaps of the second ride; no loose items allowed in your pockets you see. We went on the one - I think it was called XXL - where you swing like a pirate ship, but you're strapped in so you spin and go upside down legs were a little fragile by the time I touched the floor again.
    The only downside to Winter Wonderland is yes, it's a little pricey, and tacky. But Christmas is pricey and tacky! It's all part of the ambiance. 
    We spent some time wandering through the trinket stands too; both of us have finished our Christmas shopping but it's a great place to stroll if you haven't.
    I'm, notoriously, an occasional Scrooge, so it felt really great to smile for hours on end and get super excited about Christmas!!!

    ...M x


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    Anonymous said...

    Oh it just looks and sounds so magical! There's nothing quite like Christmas markets to get you in the Christmas mood - I'm wondering whether or not I should have headed to one to make me feel a little bit more Christmassy!
    Bee |

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