Wednesday, 9 December 2015

    Blogmas | The Hope, Peckham

    I think Christmas is a time to be at home. There's little that beats that feeling of seeing the 'Welcome to Sleaford' (where I grew up) sign on Christmas Eve. 
    But over the past four years my home has shifted slightly; I'll always love Lincolnshire, and the warmth of seeing my family and friends back there. But South East London is my home; it's where I spend every night, and it's where people smile at each other in the street. It's home.
    So what better way to celebrate, with friends, at somewhere with that beautiful homely, local vibe. Enter The Hope, in Peckham.

    The Hope's neon signage had been long calling to me, so to be invited there was a dream come true. Nikki's first foray into Peckham had only actually happened a week earlier, for my birthday, and I threw her in the deep end by bullying her into attending a reggae night at Canavans Pool Club. I think The Hope redeemed me! 

    The diversity of the menu impressed us both. As a vegetarian I didn't feel restricted at all, and I got the impression such an accommodating place would've made substitutions if I'd have been inclined to request any. Thankfully there veggie main was not the veggie lasagna I'm so used to defeatedly accepting, so I went with that. Nikki chose the fillet of beef, with mushroom mousse....they kindly served the sage salt chips separately so I could tuck into those too.
    The Hope is decorated simply but effectively. As the two little photos above show, there's a few pieces of luminous art, which perfectly compliment the slightly dimmed lighting throughout the place (we went in the evening). These aren't over bearing, and the mish mash of colours make it comfortingly homely. 
    There are two rooms; the first entrance room, which hosts their live music and events on certain days, and the quieter back room that has a nice tranquil vibe.
    The service was attentive but not overbearing, and the waiters seemed happy to make suggestions, and show of their knowledge of the menu, but only when requested.
    We were both blown away by our foods presentation, upon its arrival. It looked so professional and scrumptious.

    As you can see we shared some beautiful Focaccia beforehand, with a lovely wine (suggested by the manager Angela). 
    My main was so divine it's hard to explain. Being a vegetarian for a lifetime, you become used to, and immune to the taste, of the vegetarian restaurant staples (veggie lasagna and garlic bread, mushroom risotto, etc...) so to eat something different, that was prepared and presented so well is a real treat.
    The mushroom's weren't over powering at all, but flavorsome. I surprised myself by totally falling in love with the pesto creme fraiche. 
    The desert was equally as impressive, and again, ordered off the back of the waiters recommendation. As a total chocoholic, I was overcome with glee that the wafers you see above are white chocolate. WHITE CHOCOLATE. It was an utter dream. I find cheesecake occasionally sits in my stomach to heavily after a big meal, but this was great as it was quite light, and the biscuit at the bottom was of the correct thickness.

    All in all, it was a brilliant evening - from service to food and everything else in between. Thanks to the cosy interior decor, it definitely feels like a spot, but we'd definitely say it's worth going out of your way for.

    A perfect place to do the gift exchange before Christmas Day! .... M x


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