Sunday, 13 December 2015

    Blogmas | Favourite Christmas Posts (Not Ours)

    I am extremely proud of what we've achieved this year; to think that it wasn't until late Spring that Nikki and I started blogging together baffles me. And if I look at the milestones we've accomplished together, in that time, I beam with pride.
    But it's time to give a little something back to the blogging community, that's been so overwhelmingly generous, and welcoming to us.
    Here are my top 5 Christmas posts by other bloggers:

    1. Winter Wonderland - Chapters of Kat
    Chapters of Kat is a blog I've discovered recently (pretty late in the game, I realise) and she's hilarious. This post was the first of the #blogmas season, and it got me seriously hyped! It's photo heavy and brimming with festive excitement. Kat writes in a way that's personable and funny - it's a joy to read.

    2. Lips for Mistletoe Kisses - From Gem, With Love
    If there's one thing we can all agree, it's that #blogmas involves SO MANY posts, even for Nikki and I who get to split the posting in half. So there's a certain knack for keeping posts short and sweet. I think Gem did it perfectly here!

    3. The Fire Station Christmas Menu Tasting Event - The Fabulous Foodie
    I've been reading The Fabulous Foodie since she reviewed The London Particular (an awesome coffee spot near me), and have been reading religiously since then. Christmas is totally about food; and as a fellow Londoner this blog seem really rather perfect.

    4. Busaba Eathai: Bangkok Christmas - The Food Porn Queen
    I met Lucy way back when, when I worked in Topshop, and she never told me she had a blog! I had discover this all by myself, but am very pleased I did. I like this post because, as a veggie, I always welcome an 'alternative' Christmas menu...stuffing and brussel sprouts are just not for me!

    5. Christmas Tree Decorating - Split the City
    Hey! TECHNICALLY.....TECHNICALLY I didn't write's Nikki's TECHNICALLY totally legit to be included! I love Nikki's new place, and I've seen it evolve since she's first moved's truly stunning. Anyways, sat in her home, putting this beaut of a tree up, I felt stupidly happy....and so that's why I get to TECHNICALLY include it.

    So there they are. Which posts have you liked reading the most this #blogmas?

    ....M x


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