Thursday, 17 December 2015

    Blogmas | Ekcovision, Brixton

    Ekcovision, a 1920s speakeasy-styled bar, is the newest jewel in Brixton's 'up-and-coming' crown. You'll find it under the train arches along Atlantic Road; there's been a few things popping up along there ever since Brixton Market began to get the sort of recognition it deserves, but I have to say, so far, Ekcovision is certainly my favourite.
    We went during the evening and experienced the place as a bar, but it is open, and serving, what looks like a beautiful, brunch during the day.

    Let me begin by saying Arnaud, the manager who kindly looked after us, may well be the nicest gent working in hospitality. He was patient, funny and knowledgeable about his menu; all the qualities of a pretty spectacular host. 
    After informing him of our preferred spirits (mine is gin, Nikki's is vodka) we were served two stunning looking drinks. They were called a Chaplin (gin) and a Like A Virgin (vodka). 
    The cocktails are created with all homemade bitters and syrups, which gives you an idea as to the TLC that has gone into making this place something to be talked about.
    As we sipped down our delectable, and festive looking, drinks, we took in the surroundings. The decor of Ekcovision is very cool. We were sat on old, dusty-chic cinema seats, that could've been torn right out of The Ritzy, so that was a real nice quirk that was in-keeping with the local landmarks. 
    Another nice touch was the flowers in Hendricks bottles, again, as a gin drinker, this made me smile! 
    The bar/cafe is spread over two floors (the second being more of a windowed mezzanine). We sat upstairs which gave us the chance to peer through the low glass windows at those sitting below us; it looked like a sea of people on their first dates!
    When we discussed, and thought about it more, this place is ideal for dates! It's intimate but fun, and you have the choices between booths, tables, or long-table bar seats, so everyone can find their comfy spot. 
    Ekcovision were also kind enough to let us sample some of their vegetarian snack options....I know, they're big.
    First, on far left, we have halloumi skewers; they were so delectable! Halloumi is my current obsession and these did not disappoint, really were cooked to perfect and I could've eaten them for days on end.
    Hummus. Everyone loves hummus, and if you don't then I don't trust you. The centre pic is hummus, baba ganoush and tzatziki. All were obviously homemade, and I mean that wonderfully; you could taste that they weren't manufactured and a bit too smooth. They all tasted fresh and know....hummus!
    Then there's the cheese board; the mighty, glorious cheeseboard. Mine and Nikki's faces definitely lit up when this was laid down before us. After speaking to Arnaud we learnt they get their cheese from Farringdon Meat Market (Smithfields) you know it's of a really high quality. 

    In the lead up to Christmas both Nikki and I have crazy busy schedules, so it's a real shame we couldn't stop, and hang out, for longer at this gem. 
    It was a really enjoyable evening. I truly think this place will swiftly become THE place to visit in Brixton; the staff are friendly, the drinks are thoughtfully and seasonally made, and the food is delicious. 
    Brixton is forever expanding, and growing in charm and culture by the day. Ekcovision is a great addition to the community (forever getting younger community) and so we here at Split the City strongly recommend. 

    ...M x


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