Wednesday, 16 December 2015

    Blogmas | Christmas Party Spread

    Happy Blogmas Day 16. With only 8 days of Blogmas to go, that means Christmas is less than two weeks away and oh my, I need to get Christmas shopping finished. With already a few bits purchased I still need to get the final few bits and cards! In my family, cards are very important. I think it is so nice to receive Christmas Cards and it is nice to not loose the tradition of hand written cards - in my opinion. 

    Christmas time for me is also full of Christmas parties, so far this year I have been to three and I have another 1 lined up for this week. I love both attending and hosting Christmas parties as it's nice to have that full Christmas Spread and see what different people go for. Just recently I tuned into 'This Morning' where Holly and Ben were trying Christmas canapes from different supermarkets this time of the year it was great to see a taste test of the different options that are out their this christmas.

    I recently had some of the Marks and Spencer Canape Range ; Luxury Canape Selection and Mini Topped Canape Platter at a party and they were so delicious. We also had a huge cheese board with all my favorites from the amazing store in Chelsea called Partridges. Along with canapes; champagne is a must always. I love champagne ridiculous amounts so when the corks are popped this time of year it makes me super happy. 

    Share your favorite Christmas spreads with us!

    Lots of Love,
    N x 

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