Tuesday, 15 December 2015

    Blogmas | A Christmas Escape

    London at Christmas is sheer magic, there's no two-ways about it, it just is. 
    However, there's something special as well about sneaking away with your boyf, or your bestie, for a little Christmas escape. It makes it feel like your life is The Holiday (included in N's last post).
    I escaped down South with my phenomenal boy.

    Being an East Midlands lass, I've never really spent to much time in the south of the country. Growing up my trips were always to my beloved London, or to visit family right up in Scotland. SO, when my boy told me there was an opportunity to see the sea (he lives 30 minutes from Brighton) I nearly wet my pants with excitement. The ocean does something bizarre and wonderful to me; I genuinely believe it's good for your soul to see, and be in, that water. 
    We parked up right by the shore, and had a run along the waters edge. Pure bliss.

    After I'd been allowed my little zen moment we took a stroll up to The Lanes. I'd never shopped there before, but BELIEVE ME, I will again. It's packed full of independent treasure troves, and totally ideal, this time of year, for Christmas presents.
    Brighton is a fun, quirky place, which always feels alive. Even on the walk up to the stores we wandered past two excellent buskers, beautifully combining the steel drums and the saxophone.
    Before we poked our nose around the shops, we stopped for a little fuel at Pelicano.

    I was told, pre-trip, by the boy that we HAD to drink the coffee at this place and we HAD to sit upstairs. ...I begrudgingly concur he made all the right decisions. The coffee was so well made, the staff were friendly, the food was SO GOOD FOR VEGGIES and the decor was simple and shabby. All the things I love in one place.
    ...unfortunately I can't tell you what I bought that day because none of it was for me (self control). But if you head over to our Insta you can see the cuteness for yourself.

    On the Sunday we stayed more local, and took in a bit of nature. 
    It's so spectacular to stand somewhere, with your eyes closed and hear absolutely nothing but birds.
    It felt very special to be somewhere so beautiful with a person I care about so deeply. It's a different type of calm that's so incredibly difficult to find in London town.
    I was also taken to a local foodie paradise - Hartfields. Anyone who knows me, basically knows that if there's a milkshake on the menu....I'm having it. 
    LOOK AT THEM. Seriously, look at them, they're massive. Can you imagine the smile that stretched across my face when they appeared in front of me?! They're insane. I was so over the moon.
    Hartfields seems like a really nice place; not just a cafe, but a fruit & veg shop, where everything has been sourced locally. The sort of place you trust. The sort of place you know the names of the waiters. A real treat.

    It was such a nice thing to do; escaping the mayhem, and coming back to it refreshed and rested. I highly recommend a little excursion over Christmas, even if just for a day. It's a mental time of year and it feels good to just settle your mind a tad.

    ... M x


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